Maybe it was because I was a child, or maybe it was because I was Half Elf, but I couldn’t eat much.
When I stroked my stomach, Meiya’s face broke into a smile and Maia trembled.


Then they let me change and go to the bathroom.
The potty was there.
I was taken care of so that I could do it properly.
I’m not too ashamed to say that my mind is affected by my body now, despite the knowledge I have retained of my previous life.


“Maia, I’m going to clean up before her nap, so you can take the young lady out into the garden for a little while so Lady Ilaria doesn’t find her.”




Maia straightened up at her mother’s words, looking like a new recruit on a serious mission.
…Are you okay? She’s very restless.


But it’s good that we can have a look at the garden.
I want to see plants from other worlds and stuff.


“Wo, wo, would you like to hold my hand?”




I have a limited vocabulary.
But it can’t be helped because talking a lot is a hassle.


I hold hands with Maia, whose face is bright red, and she walks off as if she were skipping.
…Are you sure you’re okay?


When I went out to the garden, I saw various small plants and flowers growing.


“What are these?”


“I don’t know.”


Well, I also don’t know the names of these weeds.


When I looked at the other plants, I found that they were slightly different in color and leaf shape, but not much different from what I knew.


“What’s that?”


“That’s a greenhouse.
I heard they grow medicinal herbs and stuff.”


“Can I take a look?”


“That’s a…”


“What are you doing here!?”


I heard a high-pitched, childish yell from the side.


He had gray hair and brown eyes.
About the same age as Maia? The boy walked up to me with his broad strides, and when he saw me, he blatantly scowled at my beautiful face.


“Hmph, it’s you… Father says you’re a disgrace to the Arceides family.
Don’t let her out of her room.”


“I’m, I’m sorry, Dirk-sama.”


“Get her out of here! Mother said that commoners are incompetent and can’t even use magic, I guess she was right.”


“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”


At the boy’s words, a tearful Maia looked down and bit her lower lip.


This is Carol’s – my big brother? He seems to be a typical aristocrat who takes his parents’ word for it even though he is still small.




With another final sniff, Dirk walks towards the greenhouse, and I, who was a little further away, approaches Maia and gently holds her hand.








And then, when we were far away, Dirk suddenly lost his stance.
He looked back at us with a red face, then kicked a pebble under his foot as if to cover up for something, and headed for the greenhouse with a slight limp on one leg.


I discarded the remaining pebbles in my hands at random and walked away from Maia, who was still groggy and looking at me with wide eyes.


“Go back?”




Maia replied cheerfully, and her hand remained tightly clasped with mine until we returned to our room.




I don’t know if it’s because I’m too aggressive, but in the world of VRMMO, or in the world of the Otome Game, I might needlessly make a lot of enemies.
I also won’t have any allies among the nobles.


After returning to my room, Maia read a picture book to me until I fell asleep in bed, but then Ilaria came and took the two of them to do chores.


It was time for another round of abandonment.
Since this is a good time, let’s continue with the “discussion of the current situation” I mentioned earlier.


The fact that I am Carol has been established – assuming that the events in the Otome Game are not a story of the past, but an event in the future.


The creator of the game saw Carol’s appearance in a prophetic dream, so he created the still images of her, and I created my character based on that.


Leaving aside which came first, my current appearance looks a lot like the still image of Carol, but more closely resembles my character in the MMORPG.


The past doesn’t change, but the future can change.
Just as the future route of the story diverges depending on someone’s actions, the “Me” of today may not be the same as the “Me” in the Otome Game.


The magic and worldview of the VRMMORPG and the Otome game closely resembled each other.


If I didn’t know anything about it, I would have just said [This is a pain], but if both worlds exist in reality, there is a possibility that they are not similar but the same world.


……It’s not that [the world] that is wrong, but rather [the place].


However, my body has not been visibly enhanced.
But the way I look now is very similar to my player character.


With the small possibility that struck me, I gently put my hand out in front of me and utter the [Text Command].


“Set [Ridil].”




A huge sword that I couldn’t hold in my hand fell out of it and tumbled on the carpet.


This is… that, huh.


This is one of my main weapons in the VRMMORPG, the [Zanbatou Ridil].

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