d and ran outside for some reason.
The servants were having a hard time, too.


There were rumors about the “curse of the abominable child” again.
Still, the Viscount couldn’t raise a complaint to the Count of Arceides just based on rumors alone, so the teacher was replaced by a merchant lady instead of an aristocrat.
And as expected of a merchant, they did not care if the student they were teaching was a subhuman or a normal guest by order of a Duke.


And even if they wanted to complain, Dirk and his friend Cashmere couldn’t ignore the orders of a Duke.




It would be troublesome encountering that Uncle Bert, and I didn’t want to go on to a place crawling with knights of that level.


Well, aside from the usual routine, I wonder about the [light] that was faintly visible at the back of those ruins.


To me, that looked like light shone from the outside.
It was night at the time, but it would have looked much brighter than inside those ruins even by moonlight.


Roughly calculating the location of the ruins and the distance and direction of travel, I believed the place I saw was somewhere around the area where there was a ravine and a large forest.
That area also separates the royal capital and the territory of the Arceides frontier counties.


That area was far from the Demon Forest, but perhaps demons flowed in from there, and there might be a substantial population of demons.


I would like to collect materials and make money…but more than that, I would like to level up my skill level, you know?


To be precise, I would like to improve my [Sword Dance] skill because I would need to be able to deal with dozens of knights simultaneously, especially if they were at Uncle Bert’s level.


However, to raise the skill of [Ranged Weapon] to 90, I have to hunt ancient dragons continuously, yet in the case of [Sword Dance] at level 70, I should be able to raise it a little even if the opponent was somewhat weak.


That was why I took another nap and left in the middle of the night.


I had secretly marked the ruins, so I used [Space Transition] to jump there.


I arrived at the ruins, but there was no particular danger.
I could still smell the slight odor of blood, but not enough to make me sick.


In the VRMMO, I could only mark safe zones.
However, despite the fact that now that I could mark anywhere I want as a jump point, I still need to be careful because if I was not careful, I could end up jumping in the middle of a densely populated area of demons.


I would like to have a safe zone somewhere, but were there any good places out there that suit the criteria?


“Set [Ridil]”.


These days I could take it out on the spur of the moment just by thinking of it in my head.
On the other hand, when I am calm, I tend to have many miscellaneous thoughts, so there were times when I had to take it out by saying the commands verbally for it to come out properly.

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