“It’s too much trouble, so I’ll pass.”

“Please, Missy, I just want to know my power!”

With that, Bert slashed in.

It was really becoming a hassle… Maybe he wanted to do a light sword match first, but there was more than double the difference between us in status to begin with.


I pummeled him down to the ground in the blink of an eye.
I pinned him with my fully activated body strengthening, making him immobile.

“You need to train more.
Try again when you become a little stronger.”


After waiting for things to calm down, we collected materials from the group of Mino-tans, and I received a large gold coin from him, finishing our work before morning arrived.

And there was one more harvest.

Bert didn’t seem to notice it, but there was a faint light at the end of the cave behind the ruins where the group of Mino-tan had gathered.

That was probably the light from outside.


PoV Bert:

“”Master, welcome back.””


The servants who greeted Bert upon his return from his morning duties tilted their heads dubiously at their master, who was in an unusually good mood.

However, since Bert was constantly searching for a strong partner, the servants were convinced on their own that he had met a strong demon on his mission.


“Oh, you’re up already.
What’s up?”

Bert responded in a good mood to his son’s voice, but his mid-teenage son looked so grim that Bert couldn’t help but ask what was wrong.

“Father, please teach me how to use a two-handed sword! I have someone I have to beat!”

“Oh, really?”

He didn’t know what had happened, but Bert was happy to oblige.

“Father, you seem to be in a good mood…”

“I just met a great fellow.
It’s a big world out there.”

“I see.
If Father says so, then they must be excellent.”

I need to get back in shape.”

Abel, the son, was happy to see his father’s high-spirited appearance, which he had not seen in a long time, but worriedly glanced anxiously at his father, who usually did his knightly duties on a whim.

“Please don’t strain yourself too much.
Father is the strongest and an irreplaceable [Master Swordsman] in this country.”

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