…If there were many knights like Uncle Bert in the Royal Capital, I wouldn’t underestimate them.

“Missy, don’t you collect materials? Aren’t you an adventurer?”

“…I don’t like the smell of blood.”

“Oh, … right, Missy is an elf.”

As I covered my mouth with a handkerchief, the convinced-looking uncle pulled out a magic stone from the heart area and gave it to me.

“The other things you can sell are the horns.
The meat will fetch a good price, though you probably don’t want to take it home with you.
Would you like to try some right here?”

“I’m a half-elf, you know.”

.”…right…Missy, would you mind sharing some of your portable rations with me? I’m running low on food by the time I reach here.”

“You must be hungry.”

…No wonder why he was talking about meat.
I then offered him some mystery meat skewers that I had bought in my bag.

“Oh, oh? Where did you get that from? And it’s freshly grilled?”

“Just eat it.”

“…I’m told there are items like that in the treasures of foreign lands and royal families, but if you show too much, you’ll attract the nobility.
Oh, the mystery meat skewers are delicious after all.”

“(Maybe) I’ll be careful.
…What kind of meat is mystery meat?”

“They say it’s a demon, but it’s a mystery.”

“More importantly, most of the demons here are of the subhuman beast type, aren’t they?”

After we finished our meal, I tried to broach other topics as we proceeded to the depths of the ruin.
It was tedious to talk, but there were not many opportunities to ask a knight many questions.

“There’s a rumor that there’s a breeding ground of monsters at the depths of this place, or that it’s connected to the Demon Forest.”


“…Missy, you have a blank expression on your face, and your reactions are so indifferent, I can’t tell if you’re impressed or making fun of me.”

I get told that a lot.

“But then again, Missy, you are very skilled.
Even as a woman, if you weren’t in this country, I’d invite you to join the Order…”

“But I am a subhuman.”

“That’s right.
My men are not good, and I would like to recruit strong people.”

I wonder if even the Knights of the Royal Capital are not that strong, probably only those who work under the uncle.

As I recalled, the head of the knighthood was said to be a [Master Swordsman] or something like that, so if he has many people like Bert under him, they might be strong.


“Missy, it seems like we’ve finally caught up with the rest of them.”


Finally, we caught up with the Mino-tan herd that Bert had cornered.
There were about 10 of them? Even Bert, who was estimated to be over level 40, would have a tough time with this many 30-level Minotaurs.

If Bert was considered the standard for knights in this country, it would be okay for me to show a bit of my ability.

Now for the opening blow.

“――[Acid Cloud]――”


The group of Mino-tan, was wrapped in a 5th Class water area attack magic [Acid Cloud] and cried out in anguish as their mucous membranes were burned.

“Mi, Missy!”

“Here they come.”

Calling out to Bert, whose voice was muffled, I readied my zanbatou and plunged forward.

With Body Strengthening 4, I could reach a distance of 30 meters in 10 strides.
I would like to cut them down with an incredible double strike, but it would look bad if I failed to do so, so I safely pierce them through the heart.


Then, while drawing my sword, I fired my [Break Revolver] three times at a nearby Mino-tan, shattering its head.


As expected, burning the mucous membrane did not stop their movements.
Several Mino-tans attacked with axes and clubs.
…How could they know my position when their eyes were damaged?

Well, how about one shot of the 5th class flame area attack magic…?

“Missy, don’t do anything rash!”

I was scolded.

Uncle Bert slashed a Mino-tan’s side, and when it staggered, he slashed at its head.
Uncle Bert was in range, so I had to abort the area magic.

I wanted to take down half of them while they were confused, but I had no choice.
I left the decision to Bert-san, who was my employer.

“Missy be careful!”


I spun and slashed at the approaching Mino-tan using [Sword Dance], and Bert-san didn’t seem to have any problems either–but then I thought, “What’s wrong with that?

“Damn, these guys are in a death struggle!”

Oh, I see.
The monster was in [Frenzy] mode, huh? I messed up, didn’t I?

When a monster was in a state of [Frenzy] for an extended time – specifically, more than one day in the game – its status would increase by a factor of 1.5.

This was a measure to prevent some players from hogging the monsters in the VRMMO, but it seems to be happening in reality as well.
Maybe it was because the knights chased them for a long time, and my ranged attacks became the final trigger.

I had no choice but to clean this up.

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