Mage Guild [Part 1]


Fluffy golden hair like a chick.
Jade green eyes are reminiscent of young leaves.


Her hard-working figure, with a well-shaped face and an innocent smile, made adults want to protect her, and she even seemed to sparkle.




Oh no.


I know that sparkle, though other people did not notice it.


Probably because I am a ‘Player’, I have the “Eye” to see it because I usually encounter it.


That sparkling thing was… a [Spirit].


Spirits used to be a dangerous enemy, even in the VRMMO.
They have 90% resistance to physical attacks and 100% elemental resistance based on what element it is, and they recover 1% of their HP every second it takes damage.


Lower-level Spirits only had magic mastery up to the 2nd class spells and only 100 HP, so if the player was of a certain level, they could kill them by pure brute force.
Still, low-level players had no choice but to run away.
The only thing that generally saved them was that the spirits were easy to escape from since spirits never leave a specific area.




That little girl now had multiple Spirits following her around.
But I didn’t think she was a Spirit User.
Summoning a spirit would deplete any user’s MP in about 10 minutes.
It was a difficult skill to use.


Does this mean those Spirits had attached themselves to the girl voluntarily? In other words, is the Spirit on the loose? That would be extremely dangerous.
If someone were to attempt to harm that girl directly, there would be a hellish scene in the blink of an eye.


If I were in my prime, I would be able to destroy her with an 8th Class or higher ranged attack magic, but if I did that, this area would be burned to the ground, which would not be possible right now.


It would be best not to get involved.
Let’s pretend that I didn’t see anything and head for the Mage Guild.


But as I approached, I started to overhear their conversations, even if I didn’t want to.


“Hey brother, the honey pretzels over here are delicious too!”


“Uh, no, the sweet ones are…”


“Don’t worry, brother.
It will be fine.
Here’s a bag for six large copper coins.”


“Eh, ah, I guess I don’t have a choice…”


“Wow, I love you, brother.
I love you, Mister, and I have three servings of the butter flavor left.”


“I don’t need that many…”


“Here’s a souvenir for your wife.
It’s a freebie because it’s got a little burnt stuff.
It’s for one small silver coin.


“Hahaha, I’m no match for Alice-chan.”


That girl, Alice, was quite a pushy vendor.
What would have happened if she hadn’t been a pretty little girl? No wonder there were only male customers.


Well, it might be alright if they were soothed by buying the damaged and burnt products. 


“Oh, you little elf lady over there! Would you like a pretzel?”


And, I got tangled up.


“Now, this freshly baked…oh.”


Alice dropped the freshly baked pretzel from the tongs she was picking, and the pretzel rolled on the ground.




Alice picked it up again with tongs, brushed off the sticky soil with her bare hands, put it in a bag, and presented it to me with a smile.


“It tastes the same, you know.
Here, for a large copper coin.”


“[Fire Arrow]”


I burned the stuff in her hands for now.

This is a short (split) chapter as we are trying to split chapters from places where it will not cut off story awkwardly.

Thanks for reading.

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