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The next thing I noticed was a carved wooden horse that looked like a hand-me-down.
This is the kind of horse that small children ride on and play with.
This is a toy for boys, isn’t it? I tried lifting it up, and this time I could raise it.

“…haah, haah.”

I did it.
I was able to move three steps with it.
A three year old can’t help it.
I’m out of breath from all this, but for now  let’s calm down.

Grandpa, this is not what you promised me.

I’ve calmed down.

As for my physical abilities, I expect a miracle to happen when I grow up.

After all, the quickest way to get out of this is to assassinate the heroine, right? However, I don’t know who the heroine is at this point, I only know for a fact that she is a “commoner” until she turns ten.

Assassinating her after that would be… dangerous.
However, I don’t think it’s that bad to kill a civilian who hasn’t done anything.
…Is my way of thinking already turning into that of a villainess?

At best, I want the protagonist to go down the pure love route with the hidden character, but the trouble with this game is that the actual easiest route to take is the [reverse harem route].

The protagonist is too much of a womanizer, which makes the bad endings and pure love routes more difficult to achieve, making this already a ridiculous game.

(Editor’s note: He’s just too handsome that women throw themselves at him!? Something like a ‘women killer’)


By the way, the execution full course I mentioned earlier was part of the reverse harem route.


I can’t help but sigh.
It would be nice if me being a villainess in this was a misunderstanding, but the current evidence alone doesn’t allow for such naive expectations.

Not only did I have black hair, but I also had evidence that I was treated as an Abomination.

I walk briskly around the room and move to the front of the full-length mirror.
The reflection of me in the mirror is a beautiful young woman, although I am only three years old.

I have golden eyes and lustrous black hair.

Skin is clear and white, and the cheeks look healthy and slightly pink.

Although the facial features are reminiscent of the “me” of my previous life, each part is well-defined and exquisitely balanced.

It’s exactly the ideal image of myself from my previous life.

And then there are the characteristic long ears which are the proof of being an abomination.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m pretty sure I’m a fairy.

But there’s something – strange? No, it’s a feeling of déjà vu.

I’m sure you’ve seen her before, because she looks like me in my previous life, but I have a strange feeling of deja vu that’s different from that.

Ah~~~, I see.

“This face… doesn’t only have the same face as the player character in that VRMMORPG.
It’s the identical face as the player character I specially made in another VRMMORPG.”

See you in next chapters.

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