After that, perhaps the wyvern was visible from the city, the soldiers of the city came quickly, so I handed Dirk over, and I promptly left the city.


As a matter of fact, I was on the edge of my physical condition.
But I was able to return to the house with enough time to buy a taco-like dish made of corn flour baked into a crepe with vegetables sandwiched in between from a street vendor.


According to Meiya and the others who were able to return properly at night, Dirk, who returned to the castle, testified that, aside from the junior knights and soldiers who first charged into the wyvern, the senior knights and senior servants of the household who fled were sentenced to several months’ pay cuts.
… I was surprised the stragglers made it back alive.


And sure enough, the noble knight blundered, so the wyvern’s appearance itself was assumed to have never happened.
Noblemen were indeed dishonest.


With that, the responsibility of the flashy Jimmy and his group who brought the wyverns with them became unaccountable, but I properly tipped off the commercial guild, so the reward for the wyvern discovery information also disappeared.
However, I received the rewards that were supposed for Jimmy’s group instead.


Maia also told me that Dirk stopped playing childish pranks since that day.
Did my education work?


A few days later, Dirk and I, the three-year-old, had a chance encounter.


In order to increase my physical strength, I usually performed some kind of radio exercises in the garden of the house and took a 30-minute walk around the house, and Maia usually followed me, but when I took my eyes off her for a moment, Maia disappeared.
I couldn’t see her anymore.


Lost? Perhaps I was.


I had no choice.
Should I look for her? Why I, the one who got lost, decided to look for her was a mystery to me, but I guess I had let my guard down and thought that I would be able to return to her as soon as I switched to my adult form.


Why would I need to build up my strength? To increase my physical strength and to increase my transformation time.


What would happen if I moved around in my current state when I still have no physical strength?


I was walking around with such a feeling and ended up stuck in a place I didn’t know.
I would probably be scolded if I went back.


Well, there was no use in being impatient, so I took a snack out of my bag and was recovering my strength while eating when Dirk passed by.


Why was he strolling around here? There was only our mansion on this side of the property, right?


“What the hell are you doing here?”




That was supposed to be my line.
Dirk seem strangely flustered.
I thought my education might have helped him mature, but he doesn’t seem to have changed that much.


“What a pity, you subhuman women are all so unsociable.
That’s why Father and Mother don’t like you.
Get up quickly!”




That in itself might be partially correct, but the other side hates me, so I wouldn’t be willing to step up to meet them.
And I also didn’t feel like getting involved because it would be too much trouble, so I shake my head, and Dirk clicks his tongue quietly.


“Tsk, anyway, what are you doing here Carol? Are you lost? I can’t let anyone see that someone like you is my sister.”




“Can’t be helped, you little brat, come here.”


Dirk, who had complained so much about me sitting down and not moving (because it was too much trouble), called me [sister] and held out his hand.




“I’ll take you back there personally.
I will lead you by the hand, so you won’t get lost again!”




I took Dirk’s offered hand and gently stood up.


How do I say this…were we like siblings this way? Just barely.


I had siblings in my previous life, but I was never offered a hand like this.
Perhaps there was a chance that I could have walked hand in hand with my brother in my previous life.


As I walked alongside Dirk on the forest path leading to the mansion, I felt that having siblings was a good thing for the first time in my life.




But that was a lie… I didn’t need a brother like this.


Since then, Dirk started to show up at our mansion every few days without fail, even without accompanying attendants.


I thought it would be nice to have a sibling for a while, but I didn’t want an older brother like him.


“Hmmm, Carol is too light.
Are you eating properly?”




Today, Dirk was carrying me on his lap, eating snacks, and reading storybooks with me.


“I’m worried that you won’t be feminine and soft in the future when you’re this small.
You need to eat a little more food, or you won’t have beautiful legs!”


While stroking my legs and, out of a sudden he blurted


“Hmph, long ears.
That’s why you are a subhuman woman.”


He then touched my ears with his fingers,


“This hair is so black that I can’t show it to anyone.
Carol is my sister, so she can stay in my room all the time without being seen by the other nobles!” 




Ehh~~…What is this? I’m getting a bad feeling of obsession.


Maia watches from behind a pillar, chewing a handkerchief, her expression full of chaos.


What the…? I’ve seen this situation somewhere before.
Wait a minute…


From Dirk’s expression of excitement… maybe this big brother was one of the “Capture Targets”?


“Carol doesn’t need to be strong or monstrous! If you stay quiet, I’ll keep you in my room, so you won’t have to leave for the rest of your life.”




I was horrified.
I was creeped out.


Did I just enter the [Confined Pet Route] event?

Thanks for reading.

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