The servants have not spoken a single word to me since the beginning.


They seemed willing to help me with my discipline and education, and when Dirk was tired, they would inform me about it.


“Ah, subhuman woman, you can continue working for me as my bodyguard.”


Dirk suddenly started saying such things, perhaps because the city was getting closer, and he had more time to spare.


“Please don’t speak of such things until you earn your own money.”




When I simply answered, he bit his lip and fell silent.
There was no way that father and mother would allow a subhuman to be by their side.
Still, Dirk complained about something, either because he was frustrated or because he was criticized.


“You, your skirt is too short! You shouldn’t show your legs.
That’s why subhuman women are so barbaric.”




I couldn’t argue with this one either.
It couldn’t be helped because this was a passion item for me.


“Don’t be a disgrace.
Don’t show your skin in front of a man.”


“I don’t find any man here, though.”


“I’m a man, too.
I’m a…”




Tension flashed across the faces of the servants as I suddenly became alert with my Break Revolver at the ready.


My ears caught the sound of a wind slash approaching at high speed from far away.
This is–




“Oh, adventurer, it’s that!”


“So be it..”


Would you really not be so generous with your flags? A huge blue-green body spotted us from above, spreading its massive wings and threatening us with a screech.


“A wyvern…”


It was smaller and dirtier in reality than its appearance in the game.


“You guys, we’re close to the city now, so run.
I’ll hold it back.”


“No, I know you’re going to say that and run away, too!”




“And that’s why you’re coming with me…”




I grabbed the wyvern’s attention with a full salvo of Break Revolver as I backed away from them because I didn’t have time.
…wouldn’t it be nice if I could hit it at least once? I had changed my ring to increase ranged weapon accuracy, but I still couldn’t hit it at all while the wyvern was in the air.


“Set [Witch Wand]”


This was a unique wand made together with this Witch Dress set.
I specifically made it in mind to be used in magical battles with a party, so its physical attack power was only about that of a metal bat, but it increased the effect of attribute magic by 15%.


Considering that there would only be a 12% attribute increase for each attribute with existing wands, you would understand how much of a performance breakthrough it was.


However, the penalty for obtaining this performance was that I could not choose the shape, so it ended up being a cute little thing with a heart-shaped object on the end of a silver rod about 50 cm long.
A very cute little witch staff.


“[Fire Arrow] “




The dozens of Fire Arrows that shot out accurately hit the wyvern’s head, causing it to roar in rage.


“Get out of here, quick!”




Dirk and the others apparently ran away in a quiet escape.


Even among dragon species, wyverns tend to be easily affected by fire, but the first rank magic has little effect on them.
At the very least, I could knock them out of the sky with 6th rank magic….


However, even with that crappy magic, the wyverns did target me as an enemy.


I only had a couple of hours left in this form.
Wyverns also did not have breath attacks, so it will be from the air with its claws when it attacks me.


Could I successfully strike it down with my Ridil at that time? Endurance fights would be troublesome for me.
What other weapons could provide more firepower…oh…


“Hey, subhuman woman! I thought you were coming with me.”




My thoughts were interrupted by the voice I heard.
There I saw Dirk, who should have fled, returning, after shaking off the servants’ hands.


He didn’t have to show any manliness only to cause trouble for all of us in a place like this, you know? Really, don’t….






From the wyvern’s attack, whose attention was diverted to Dirk, I snatched Dirk from the side with all my strength enhancement.


“…ah, aaaah, subhuman woman!”




Maybe he was concerned about me, but I was a little angry at his lack of awareness of the danger.




“Can you be quiet for a second?”


I grabbed Dirk by the collar with one hand and lifted him up, tossing him haphazardly behind my back.


“Hey, you…”


“Stay there and watch.”


I coldly dismissed him and muttered “Command” for the Special Equipment I remembered earlier to fight with “my full power”.


“Setup [Arjuna Cloche] all.”


A huge bow far exceeding my height appears in my hand, and my entire body is wrapped in a fluttering cloak made of dark green fabric, with tight-fitting, pure white leather armor inside.


If what I have with me was not a [Bag] but a [Storage], then two [Special Equipment] other than the Witch Dress would also be stored.


One of them was equipment for a remote attack battle, [Arjuna Cloche].

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