Doujin Otome Game [Part 1]

“What should I do?”

Grandpa, did you just pull a prank on me? Or misinterpret my request? I’m actually quite upset, but there’s no emotion shown on my face or in my voice, so I’m not very convincing.

It’s possible that it’s just a coincidence that I share the same name, but given this aristocratic-looking house, aristocratic-looking clothes, and the same black hair as the character, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Come to think of it, the reason why I’m still feeling neglected at the age of three, even though I seem to be wealthy, is because I am a [Disliked Child].

For that matter, I have hardly seen Papa and Mamma in this life.

When I was in junior high school, I played a little bit of an Otome Game called…let’s see…Koi no Kaname.

I don’t remember the title of the game, and I don’t remember most of the details of the game either.

The reason why I remembered the name of the “villainess” in such a game was because I had a ” villainess fetish” at the time.
What a chuunibyou, right?

I don’t remember clearly, but I think the story went something along these lines.

The cute and energetic hero, who was loved by everyone, turns out to be a [Beloved Child of Spirits] and is admitted to a magic school for nobles at the age of 10.

And then, after all this and that, there are 5… or 6 capture targets?

It was an unimportant story about how I captured the targets and defeated the evil emperor and achieved a happy ending in the game.

In any case, it was a “doujin game,” and the game’s creator mentioned in the comments that “God descended” or some such nonsense, so you can imagine what it was like.

Still, I bought this game because it was cheap (for 500 yen), the still pictures showed the author’s obsession, the heroine was a natural beauty, and…

…perhaps, I liked this game a lot? Though I’ve only cleared it once though.

(editor’s note: It is very common for Japanese games to have multiple playthroughs to fully unlock every bit of the game, and also every bit of the story in the game.)


And also because the villainess was pretty weird.
That’s it.

In that otome game, there were two villainesses.

They were known as {Silver Rose} and {Black Lily}.
They’re beautiful.

The first one is the Duchess of Silver Rose, Flare Mercury Prata.

She has wavy silver hair and fiery blue eyes.
She’s a stunningly beautiful woman with well endowed breasts to die for, but she’s not afraid to do outrageous things.
She does it with zero hesitation.

She doesn’t back down, she doesn’t flatter, she doesn’t care.
She is a wonderful girl who proudly serves poison to the heroine who is trying to seduce the prince, and laughs in front of the prince, wondering what is wrong with that.

The second is {Black Lily} Carol Nym Arceides, the Countess of the Frontier.

She is a Disliked Child, the opposite of the heroine’s Beloved Child.

She has black hair, golden eyes, and a witch-like appearance.
She is a shy, hidden-behind-the-scenes-boss-type girl who uses her icy good looks to deceive men, curses those around her to make them unhappy, and ultimately ends up on the side of the demon tribe.

No matter how I look at it, this girl has the makings of a villain.
You might want to consider getting rid of her at an early stage.

But don’t worry.
The villainess is filled with so many “death flags” that it’s a wonder how she’s survived since she was a child, so she’ll be exterminated long before she grows up.

…So how did this happen?

The {Black Lily} Carol in question is me, and come to think of it, the magic and tactics in this world seem to be very similar to those in that MMORPG, and there was talk on a certain message board about it being a “Clone with just a different name”.

…Is that why you made a mistake? Grandpa.

Translator’s Note: Hi, my initial idea was to release one chapter per day but it turned out that there are a lot of POV changes at some places.
I have tried to smoothen out those area with the help of Spirit Song (editor).

Chapters will be split in two parts.

Next part will be released tomorrow so stay tuned and have a nice read.

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