Until now, I acted like a quiet three-year-old during the day, so the time I could move around while the sun was still up was precious.


In the past few days, I also read all the beginner-level grimoires, so I could use almost all the spells of the first tier.
I said “almost” because there were “Original Spells” in the game, but I could not chant them because some characters were still garbled.


However, it would be nice to use some higher-level spells someday as I go through the various spells, since they would be unlocked by “letters” and not by a spell.

(editor’s note: basically, our MC has to recite the verses still)


Speaking of which, in an “Otome games” like this one, the heroine was said to be able to use “All Attributes”, but in a VRMMO, every players have “All Attributes”, was this OK or not in my situation?


“Setup [Witch Dress]”


The bright red, exclusive set of equipment transformed me into a 15-year-old or so, magically.


I took out sandwiches from the magical fridge, cut fruits for lunch and dinner, and put them away in the [Bag] before they were completely cold.


It was beautiful to make sure that I could consume the food without lighting a proper fire.


The Bag, however, seems to keep what I put inside in its original state.
The Bag’s space was not something that would stop time or consume a lot of magic power, but rather it was [converted into data] as the result of a lot of research, which was the reason as to why there are no living creatures able to be put into The Bag.


Let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild in the daytime today.
It was troublesome to go there in the middle of the night because there was a high probability of meeting that flamboyant adventurer Jimmy.


I went out the window, maxed out my physical enhancements, and charged through the forest in mid-day.




“Oh, sorry.”


I kicked something which looked like a Hound Dog-like creature that I bumped into on the way, and it went flying about 10 meters unbound.


It was an accident.
It was not intentional.
But it was less than a few kilometers away from the house’s vicinity, so I needed to get rid of it for Maia and her family.


Why were they here?




Arriving in the city in daylight, I was the center of people’s attention on the street.
Come to think of it, in this world, my outfit is so flashy that it would be called [Eccentric] or something similar.


But the way the men looked at me was not the same as the [May I take a screenshot?] look I get in VR games, but the same as the men who sneakily take hidden photos of me from a low vantage point.


“Hey there, little elf girl! Our apples are sweet like pears, and they’re only one copper apiece, buy them!”




Wouldn’t that be pears, not apples? I was kind of curious, so I bought it.


“Thanks, come again!”


“Onee-san, where is the weapons shop?”


“Weapons shop? Is there such a thing in other towns? You can’t make money selling weapons that people don’t buy in a town like this, can you?


“… I suppose so.”


“Well, don’t they sell weapons at the Adventurers’ Guild?”


“I see.
Thank you very much.”


After all, the Adventurer’s Guild was the only place to shop and sell adventurer-like products.


By the way, the apples I bought were pears with bright red apple-like skin.


It was the first time I went to the Adventurers’ Guild in the daytime, but the rough adventurers gave way to me even in the day.
They were gentlemen.


I did not see any Jimmys here.
The usual older brother was not at the reception desk.
Still, when I asked about weapons at a different reception desk, I was informed of the existence of a directly managed store selling equipment and weapons for adventurers by the Commerce Guild on the front street.


“All they have are cheap weapons that break easily, you know? If you want something proper, why don’t you go to the Commerce Guild and ask for custom-made items?”




What they sold at the direct store were standard issued gears the nobility ordered in large quantities, gave to their soldiers to equip, and then traded them in when they became old.


Used goods.
Weapons that were slightly bent.
There were even sticky metal armors.
Also, the leather armors stinks.


Of course, without hesitation, I headed straight to the Commerce Guild.


I asked the charming receptionist at the Commerce Guild, who glanced at my equipment and introduced me to a Custom-Made representative.


It seemed that she could tell if I was a customer or not by how I was dressed.
Adults are scary.


“Welcome half-elf lady.
I am Jess, the Custom-Made representative.
I see you have some unusual equipment, as they say.”


“Well, you can call me the Witch.
Nice to meet you, Uncle Dwarf.”


The person who came out was a dwarf with a pure white beard.
There were novels about elves and dwarves not getting along, but their interaction with each other was a common occurrence over here, so we shook hands.


I love muscular, lanky Uncle Dwarves.
Apparently, Jess-san knows about the rumors about me in the Adventurers’ Guild.


If I were involved with the Commerce Guild, I would prefer not to tell them my real name, and Carol was a common name.
Did I mention my name to Thomas, the receptionist? I’ll keep it quiet for now and later on.


But Carol was a commoner’s name, which was appropriate because she was an Abominable Child.


“I heard that the Witch has great equipment and weapons.
Do you have any unusual ‘weapons’?”


“…Would you like to see it?”


“Yes, please!”


It seems that Jess-san, who appeared to be in a much higher position, met me out of the blue because he wanted to have a look at my weapon.


“Here it is.”


“…this…this is…”


When I showed him the Ridil zanbatou, which I had secretly taken out, Jess-san blinked and shuddered, probably because Dwarves were fond of blacksmithing.


Was it because the original blade was made of data? The graceful, flowing curves looked more beautiful than any famous sword without flaws or distortion.

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