Trouble [Part 1]


“I’ll ask you out again, so don’t be shy next time, okay?”


I firmly refused, but that flashy Jimmy in his shiny silver armor said so again with a look of superiority and returned to the inn.


Helga and Marie, the group’s female members, glared at me disapprovingly behind Jimmy’s back.


Do these people not understand why they were turned down?


Kenneth, a taciturn warrior, frowned a little when he saw the behavior of the members.


His pitch-black armor with spikes on it makes me feel somewhat close to him as if we had something in common.


These people are going to cause another stir.


Regardless of such trifles, that demon wolf carcass sold for a pretty good price.


I got the magic stone back, but the horns and fangs alone came to three small gold coins.


That is the equivalent of one month’s living expenses for an average family.
Let’s leave it by Maia’s bedside again.


Now that I have the magic stone I’ve been longing for let’s use it right away.
The magic stone of a weak demon did not contain that much magic power, so I could finally experiment with it.


“Set [Synthesis] Bronze Bullet.”


Synthesis of bronze bullets.
…If I forgot the ‘Command’, I would not be able to open the control panel, so it was pretty serious.


Synthesizing items in VRMMO was performed by using “magic stone.” I could have used a smaller one, but the bronze ingot I got from the Commerce Guild was 1 kg, so a small magic stone would not have been enough for the task.


The bronze ingot in my hand changed its shape, and when it glowed, it was ready to be used.
It was as easy as using a microwave oven.




The synthesizing magic was completed without any problems.
There were 33 bronze bullets.
Typically, this number of ammunition could be made with one batch of material, but isn’t the number of bullets generated getting smaller? It seems like the produced quantity of ammunition was cut in half.


I did not understand it, or at least I am not convinced.
I feel as if I lost something to a con, even though the copper ingot only cost me a silver coin.
Money was important.


Should I go and get the ore myself? But where can I get it? A mine? Miner’s marathon should be played only in mobile games.

(Editor’s note: Basically ‘farming/loot’ runs, that’s optimized to get as many resources as possible within a very short time frame)


Where else can I find bronze?




A thought occurred to me, and I stared at the “copper coins” I had taken out of my bag.


In the end, I was able to do it—twenty small copper coins for 33 copper bullets.


I will need some small magic stones, but it’s an excellent deal since 100 small copper coins equal to 1 silver coin.
Moreover, small magic stones were inexpensive, so all in all, using small magic stones and small copper coins as a conversion material into bullets was a reasonable price.


…Really, guns are literal [money-guzzlers].


Then, wouldn’t it be possible to process that large amount of 300 million credit worth of silver coins into silver bullets?


Yes and no.
I guess this world synthesizing magic could not process in-game coins after all? Or perhaps the coins of this continent do not belong to the “coin” category.
I suspect that the minting technology in this country might be somewhat subpar.


As I was doing this, the time when Meiya and her family were summoned to the castle for the entire day approached.


The content of the meeting was Dirk’s “Hawk hunting” or “Falcon hunting”.
Was he hunting for foxes? He was going to take his knights and servants along with him, so the servants outside the castle would be called in to help with the staffing shortage.


“After all, I’d like to stay by your side, even if it’s just me.”


“Maia, we all feel the same way about that…”


On the day of the event, Meiya rebukes her daughter for being a spoiled brat, with Maia’s hand holding mine.


If they don’t comply, they’ll be fired.
I don’t care about that castle personally, but I don’t want Maia and the others to be gone.


I pat Maia’s hand, holding mine, and then slowly speak up to Maia, who looks back at me.


“Maia, keep up the good work.”


“Oh, young lady!”


Meiya heaved a small sigh as Maia squealed.


“Really, this girl….Miss Carol.
I’ve prepared food and your room, and you can already use life magic, so I’m sure you’ll be able to stay at home, but if you need anything, please use this magical tool to contact me.
I’ve already explained how to use it.
Are the explanations clear?”




I nodded my head in response to Meiya’s various precautions with only one word.


Me being taciturn, I couldn’t help it.
It’s not that I didn’t have a good vocabulary other than this, but I don’t use my expression muscles or mouth muscles much, so conversing was tiring and cumbersome.


The magical device for communication that the servants gave to me was not a communication device like a cell phone.
I heard there were such devices, but since they are costly, only the father, the lord of this frontier count’s territory, had one.


So what exactly were these? Simply put, it was colored [Fireworks].


I am an [[Abominable Child] and [The Cursed Witch] at the age of three, but because I am the daughter of a frontier count, I should be able to use the item….
they wouldn’t want any problems with the [Cursed Witch], so I’m handed these things, you see.


“Please be really careful.
I’m sure we’ll be back in the evening…”


“Oh, Young Lady, I’ll be back soon!”




Now begins the free time.


Until now, I acted like a quiet three-year-old during the day, so the time I could move around while the sun was still up was precious.

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