Marie, a woman in her mid-twenties, turned her attention to me, calming Helga, who was in a rage.


“I’m sorry about this girl, okay? We heard you could use recovery magic, so we thought we’d ask you to help us with our next job.
I’m a dual-attribute magician, but I can only use earth and fire.
But… even if you’re a half-elf, you really look like a Picture Book Witch… I wonder if half-elves can use magic dressed like [Picture Book Witch]?” (Marie)


Marie looks at me with a questioning gaze as she stares at my outfit.


She was dressed in a black robe that made her look like a witch, but her breasts were unnaturally exposed, showing her cleavage.


Are all the eccentric people that the receptionist brother said were like this? Jimmy in his shiny silver armor and the taciturn Kenneth do not follow up with any of these fellows.




“They’re like this, but they’re a nice bunch.
How’s it going? How about a trial run on your next adventure?” (Jimmy)


“Absolutely not.” (Carol)


“What? Are you’re not confident in our abilities? Then test me for a sec.
You, you don’t need to be nervous if you are a capable adventurer, okay?


“Exactly, she doesn’t have a weapon or a wand! Her magic is probably bogus, too.” (Helga)


“Oh, Helga, you’re in trouble.
Witch? If you want, I can [Test] for you, can’t I? Hmmm.” 


“Oh, I almost forgot.” (Carol)


Ignoring the people communicating with some unknown randoms, I walked back to Thomas’s reception desk.


“Miss…those people are pretty competent…” (Thomas)


“Was it the Demon Wolf in the swarm? I’ve been hunting them down, so please assess them for me.” (Carol)


I took the head of the demon wolf I had slashed off from my Bag and put it on the counter.


Ah, yes, it was in an actual [Bag], which was not the one I assumed to be my item Bag.


I was wondering why there were so many other things in the Bag, which holds only 100 items and should be packed with equipment and objects, but it was not in my carrying [Bag], but an item [storage] for my “base.”


Even if I called it a bag, it contained all the items of all my bases.


No wonder why they had so many things in there.
I was like, “Why didn’t you notice when I was carrying all the bullets?”.


In the game, though, I got a list of items, but there is no such thing in reality.
It’s a pain to be only able to retrieve the items I can remember.


As I continued to pile up the 50-centimeter-long horned wolf heads, Thomas’ face turned blue as he realized that he couldn’t fit five of them on the table.


“I don’t know which part is the material, so I just brought the head.
Do you sell horns or tusks or something?”


“…The horns will sell for the most.
Did you get all of these by yourself?”


“…Half of them have already escaped, but I think they are still around, so please be careful.”


I could sell the pelts, but I dislike blood, so I couldn’t dismantle them, of course.
I also stepped away from the heads I placed in a row briefly.


“I can bring the whole thing to you if you want, though.”


“…It certainly fetches a higher price than a regular wolf, but the horns are 70% of the whole wolf’s price… More importantly, where were you storing it?”


“It’s a maiden’s secret.”


Is there some kind of item bag that could hold a large amount of stuff?


“Oh, really…? But still, I didn’t expect this much.
I wonder if that magic gun will be enough to defeat them?”


“No? That’s a waste of ammunition.”


I took out of my Bag a 180-centimeter-long Zanbatou, Ridil, and wielded it over my head like a naginata, using its 60-centimeter-long handle, and the adventurers who had approached to see the demon wolf’s head shrieked and moved away.


Come to think of it; there were people around.
No one would like me to brag about items, so I’ll keep it to myself.


Then I turned around, remembering the party from earlier, and they were all looking at me with open mouths.


Oh, by the way, you said [Test] or something like that.
I turned to look at Marie as I spun Ridil around in one hand and carried it on my shoulder, and she twitched.


“…Wonderful!” (Marie)


Stunned, the flashy Jimmy in his shiny silver armor turned to me with sparkling eyes and a smile, as if he was impressed.


” It took five adventurers to defeat a single demon wolf, and it took five of us to defeat five demon wolves! A sorcerer who can use [Recovery] and an outstanding swordsman, how wonderful!”


Were those Horned Wolves that strong?


In VRMMORPG, the enemy was around Level 10, but it was an easy win since I had gotten used to Ridil’s precise positioning.  In the game, I had to slash the enemy several times, but in the real world, just chop the head off, and they die, so once I got used to it, it was easier than in the game.


“I won’t say the word Test anymore.
No one will complain about you.
You are the right person for my party! Come on, we’ll welcome you.”


I smiled a little at the flamboyant Jimmy, who extended his hands with a fresh smile, moving the muscles in my face that I don’t use very often.


“Absolutely not.” (Carol)

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