The Adventurer’s Guild was open all day, but the number of adventurers who came to sell late at night was sparse.

Thomas, the third son of a merchant family, had been working for the Commercial Guild for fifteen years, but his work at the Adventurer’s Guild was what one would call “off duty.”

He knew that the Adventurers Guild was full of roughnecks who needed a barred counter, but he exhaled heavily, feeling the unreasonableness of society.

Today, the idiots made a lot of noise, drinking something that may or may not be alcohol or just alcohol.
There was no way they were going to clean up after themselves, and it was the job of the security guard and his staff, who had hired a relatively decent retired adventurer, to do it, so I sighed again as I watched.

At that moment, the front door of the adventurer’s guild opened, and a female adventurer who looked like an eccentric in a strange outfit entered with the fresh night air.

There are women adventurers, too.
Most of them were eccentrics, but the woman who entered was young enough to be a girl, and everyone gulped at her lovely beauty.

Her outfit was also quite eccentric.
The girl’s outfit was not eccentric, but in a way, it attracted people’s attention more than any other.

The shiny red dress was embroidered with black roses and thorns, something you wouldn’t see even in the top-notch clothing stores in the capital, and although some eccentric women wore equipment that deliberately showed off their bosoms and legs, the young adventurer men were leaning forward to admire the glimpse of legs from the short skirt of the innocent and pretty girl.

The girl, who had been looking around curiously in the quiet Adventurer’s Guild, walked straight up to the reception desk where Thomas was standing.

“Is this the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“Yes, yes, it is.”

It was there that Thomas, the receptionist, first noticed that the girl was an elf species.

Her dark hair meant that she was probably a half-elf.It is said that all high elves, which are pure elves, have silvery-white hair, and even normal elves with mixtures of other races usually have blonde or flaxen hair, so it is safe to assume that elves with dark hair color are usually half-elves.

But was it possible to have jet-black hair this stunning, even if she was half…

“I’d like to register with the guild.”

“Oh, you don’t need to register.
I’m just buying stuff here.”

The girl’s voice interrupted Thomas’ thoughts.
From the way she was dressed, he assumed she was an adventurer from the capital or some other city, but was she dressed like this because she was rich and wanted to have fun?

“Don’t you have a card or something?”

“A membership card? If you want proof of identity, I’d recommend another guild.”

Thomas’s demeanor turned meek as he thought he was being subjected to the antics of a rich person as the girl started to spout ridiculous nonsense.

“So, do you have any job to offer me?”

“Yes, I do.
Please bring some monster materials or medicinal herbs that grow from places with a lot of magic essence.
I’ll buy them any amount you bring.”

I understand.”

The girl looked like a well-bred noble and surprised Thomas by her polite bow and thanking him, even though he had only given her a rough explanation of what adventurers do.

Perhaps the girl was simply naive, he assumed.
Children who know stories sometimes lump heroes and adventurers together and develop a strange admiration for them.

As Thomas concluded, his annoyance on the girl in front of him faded.

Elves live for 500 years, and half-elves live for more than 300 years, but even when they grow old, they only look like teenagers and maintain their youthful appearance until they die.

However, this half-elf girl was probably not even twenty years old yet, even taking that into account.
He was beginning to worry about such a naive young girl, even though they were strangers to each other.

“You, for now, if you want to know something, go to the Commercial Guild out front.
The Adventurer’s Guild is not a place for a beautiful girl like you to come–“

“Hey, that girl over there, she’s dressed up pretty fancy!”

He was too late to warn her, and a drunk adventurer got involved.

The adventurer was a large man famous for his roughness even in this Guild.
He was skilled, but because he was stupid, he didn’t make much money, and he would consume cheap alcohol to make up for his lack of funds and get involved with weirdos who were earning some good money.

The girl was unlucky that this big man was present only today.

Fundamentally, the Guild and the city would not get involved in a dispute between adventurers.
Still, it was indeed unpleasant to have this naive young lady as a victim from that, and when Thomas started thinking about calling the guards, the girl spoke to him again without seemingly being bothered by them.

“What happens if there’s trouble here?”

“As long as they don’t die, people can do anything but – oh, never mind that you, get out of here!”

“You little brat, don’t ignore me!”

The girl lightly dodged the big man’s hand as he attempted to grab her, only by moving half a step to the side.

“As long as there are no dead people, the Guild will pretend not to see us?”

“No, well, neither the Guild nor the city officials are concerned with disputes between adventurers…”

“I see, and now that you mention it…”

“You son of a b*tch.”

Perhaps the alcohol had gotten to his head, but the large man suddenly punched the girl.


“I’m relieved.”

Thomas was momentarily taken aback – and horrified – by the well-displayed smile that the expressionless girl wore as she caught the big man’s fist with one hand, which was more than twice her size.

“…Hey, you…you…”

The girl’s thin hand grabbed his arm, but he didn’t move a muscle, and his face gradually turned blue.

“Gyaa!!!… No, stop, it’s going to break!!…”

“You b*tch!”

“Let him go!”

The two adventurers, the big man’s companions, pulled out their swords while shouting.

If it was a fight within the Guild, the Adventurer’s Guild wouldn’t have gotten involved in it, but as expected, the guards watching over them tried to stop them in a panic when they drew their weapons.

The girl glanced at the two adventurers as they approached.

“Set [Break Revolver].”

*Bang, *Bang!



After a series of loud bangs, the adventurers spurted blood from their legs and rolled around, screaming.

Thomas recognized the object in the girl’s hand as a [Magic Gun] similar to those from another continent.

The Magic Guns were traded by a captain of a trading ship from the Isbell Continent for thousands of gold coins, and have been analyzed by the state, the Mage Guild, and the Forge Guild.

The reason for the lack of numbers was that manufacturing Magic Guns requires very advanced casting techniques and alchemy, as well as the fact that they are troublesome to handle.

Magic powder, which was created by grinding magic stones into powder and applying unique magical alchemy, was poured in through the gun’s muzzle.
Then the user would insert a metal bullet.

This process alone takes about 10 to 20 seconds, even for an experienced user, so although it may be difficult, an individual could only use one bullet at a time even if prepared from the start in battle.

However, the half-elf girl shot them in succession.

In addition, to maintain strength and accuracy, guns are basically “rifle-type” guns that are held in both hands.
Still, the magic gun that the girl had, which could be used with one hand and was powerful enough to penetrate the legs, was something he had never seen anywhere.


The girl let go and the big man, and he then fell backward, falling on his butt.

The man, after seeing his friends squirming around, despite he himself palling and holding his aching arm, got enraged and reached for the one-handed ax at his waist, and…



At that moment, the floor was shot so close to the big man’s place between his legs, making him faint and wetting his crotch.

After that, the girl cast a [Heal]-like spell on the two people who had been shot in the leg, to the extent that they didn’t die, and then politely bowed to the people who were still stunned and left.

After that, the Adventurer’s Guild started calling her “The Rose Witch” out of fear because of her unrelenting attacks and eccentric appearance.


“If you can’t reach someone, shoot them at a distance where you can.”

A few days after that, when I would occasionally show up at the Adventurer’s Guild to trade in something that looked like medicinal herbs I found in a distant forest or monster materials, the adventurers would give me a reception.

I guess it was a good thing that I was polite to them initially.
According to the man at the reception desk, the three adventurers who got involved with me had retired from adventuring and become manual laborers.
I was glad to hear that they had found honest work.

Even though it was the middle of the night, there were many more people here than at the beginning.

Then a blonde-haired man with a knightly look in shiny silver armor came up to me with a fresh smile on his face.

“Hi, you must be the rumored [The Rose Witch].
Would you mind listening to us for a moment?”


Editor’s note: The fact that our dear Carol here still has 300 million Isbell coins (or VRMMO game credits) is pretty insane.
Remember, she invested 100 million just to min-max her ‘Witch Set’.
That’s a very, very, very hardcore in-game farmer by my standards.
(Do we know if Carol has invested similar/huge sums of money in other gears? We’ll know in the future, but the point stands.)That grandpa gave her some ridiculously OP benefit just on her effort in maintaining her VRMMO avatar in the previous world).   

Also, Carol is now capable of equipping the Witch Set for a way longer set of time.

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