The Adventurers Guild [Part 1]

Ilaria, the mean maid, had arrived at our residence by the time we reached, so Maia and I quickly retreated to the second floor.


The atmosphere was subtly heavy.
I would like to continue reading the rest of the Beginner’s Grimoire, but Maia was distracted by constantly worrying about Meiya confronting Ilaria.

The grimoire only contained spells for the first level, but so far, all the parts I’ve read have been unlocked, so I couldn’t help but be curious about the rest too.

Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a faint voice outside the window, and as I turned my attention in that direction, my long ears, which were performing well in vain, caught the sound of someone talking from outside the window.

 [Ilaria-sama, I will prepare some tea for you inside…] 

 [Why do I have to enter the house where that cursed child is? I don’t even want to come here…]

 […I, I’m sorry…] 

 [This is that thing’s living expenses for this month.
Please accept it.] 

 [Um… what’s this?] 

[Oh, even this is too much for that abominable child.
Do you have a problem with that?] 

This situation should not be allowed.
It seems that Ilaria brought me some money for my living expenses, but the amount that Meiya received for my use was minimal.

I could not tell if your father was being mean or if Ilaria was embezzling, but this is not a situation that can be left alone.

“Window.” (Carol)

“Eh, young lady.” (Maia)

I go over to the window, and Maia, who followed me in a hurry, gasps.

Outside, there was Ilaria and a flirtatious-looking knight who was probably her escort until she got here, and the two of them were intimidating Meiya.

“How can you not even provide a proper education for the young lady?” (Meiya)

“That is not necessary for an abomination that will eventually be sold away.
That thing has conjured a cursed black monster against me.
Be thankful that I’m still here to support her.” (Ilaria)

“That’s because of the spirits…” (Meiya)

“Spirit? That’s a lie!” (Ilaria)

“Haha, Ilaria-dono, if it were a spirit, it would be an abominable spirit of darkness.
I’ll cut it down and throw it away.” (Escorting Knight)

“Well, knight-sama, I am counting on you.” (Ilaria)

Are you referring to the Magic Gun’s outburst? Even dark spirits were usually afforded the proper respect but did the nobles perceive it differently? Ilaria suddenly started flirting with a flirtatious knight, but I wonder what she wanted?

“Anyway, I can’t give you any more than that.
You’ll have to make do with that.
Also, the week after next, the Dirk lad will be taking his knights on a deer hunt.
You three should go back to the castle and help him.” (Ilaria)

“The young lady…” (Meiya)

“There’s no way I’m letting that abomination into the castle! As long as she has food, she won’t die even if we leave her alone for a day or so! Such is the Master’s decision, and I won’t allow you to defy it!” (Ilaria)

“…Yes.” (Meiya)

“So, Ilaria-dono, should we head back? Would you like to have dinner in the city sometime? I know a good place to eat, you know?” (Escort Knight)

“That would be great.
I just… I’ve got a lot of money on me, so let me buy you a drink.” (Ilaria)

“Haha, that would be fun.” (Ilaria)

They’re the pretty comical bunch.
I watch from behind the curtain as Ilaria and her escort knight chat and laugh, their brains turning peachy, and I point at them with my finger through the slightly open window, muttering quietly in my mouth.

“[Aero Cutter]”

A small whirlwind soon formed after my chanting, and a sharp [Wind Blade] precisely cut Ilaria’s waistband… Only Ilaria’s waistband was severed.

“…What?” (Ilaria)

At the same time, Ilaria’s long skirt fell to her ankles.
Nice shot.

“Kyaaaaaaaa!!!?” (Ilaria)

“Ilaria-dono!” (Escort Knight)

Ilaria used her hands to hide her bright red underwear, and the flirtatious knight was visibly upset, but his gaze never left Ilaria’s lower body.

“Hiiii! It’s the abomination’s curse again!!!” (Ilaria)

“Ah, wait…” (Escorting Knight)

Ilaria ran away with her lower half exposed, and the flirtatious knight hurriedly picked up the skirt Ilaria had left behind and chased after her, looking somewhat uncomfortable while running after her.

… A red thong, huh? That’s quite a look.

“Blessings of the Spirit…” 

No, it was not.

Maia was muttering something behind me, but it was an ordinary wind attribute magic.

Aero Cutter is the first level of wind attack magic.
Any thick armor can repel the magic attack, but I can still aim it at any gap.

I was relieved to see that I could use this level of magic even in my three-year-old state.

But then again, they call it the curse of the abominable child (LOL).

I’m well on my way to becoming a villainess.
Still, it would be easier for me if Meiya and the others directed their malice to me rather than continually being tormented because of me.

Anyway, leaving that aside, money was an issue… Come to think of it, I did have some in-game currency.
Can I use it for something?

“Meiya, here.”

When Meiya came back from outside with a somewhat sad and stunned look on her face, I took out a 500 yen coin, “1 credit coin,” from my bag and handed it to her.

“Oh, Miss Carol, did you find it in a hidden room? It’s a silver coin from another continent.”


When I asked her about it, she told me that there are three continents in this world and the Isbell continent minted this silver coin, which is located about half a year away by sailing via a large sailing ship.

When I asked how Meiya came to know about it, she told me that a few years ago, a group of merchant ships came from the Isbell Continent and traded with the silver and gold coins, and she had a chance to see them once.

Isbell Continent is… Wasn’t Isbell Continent the original starting point setting in the VRMMORPG, right? I was reincarnated in the wrong location, Grandpa.

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