I fired four shots, but only one hit the tree trunk, and in VR it hits pretty well because of the correction… but this would require practice.
Did I have the shooting accuracy ring in my bag?



I’m out of ammo, I can fire six shots, but I haven’t reloaded since I fired twice.
I pulled all the bullets out of my bag for now.


I found a lot of bullets in a wooden box.
Did I bring them all with me?

I have a little over 1,200 [Bronze Bullet] and 300 [Silver Bullet].  The reason I went out this time was for verification, but I also wanted ore and magic stones to make bullets.

I could make bullets, at least.
I even raised my blacksmithing skill to 40 just for that purpose.

For the time being, the number of bullets won’t run out anytime soon, but I wouldn’t be too sure.
After all, when you use a gun for leveling up, you’ll consume this much very quickly.

I opened the cylinder of my revolver and loaded it with Bronze Bullets.
It takes longer than a rifle to load one bullet at a time.
It was very troublesome.

Let’s get back on track and try the Zanbatou.

“Set [Ridil].”

I swung the huge Zanbatou I took out.
I’m pretty sure my current transformed height should be around 160 centimeters plus 5 centimeters of heels, but even Ridil, that was over 180 centimeters.
It looked like there wouldn’t be much of a problem with Ridil.

However, when I swing it around in a wide circle, my body might be swept away slightly.
But I think I can use [Sword Dance] with this.


I hold Ridil up with one hand and place my other hand about halfway up the blade.

I then let go of my hand and rotate it so that it winds around my waist, and I jump forward while rotating with the Ridil, and swing-out with one hand to strike my imaginary targets with Ridil.


The distance of more than five meters between me and my target was reduced in an instant, and a sizable tree was easily cut down like a piece of bamboo stick.

My fighting skills include 90 [Shooting] and 70 [Sword Dance].

[Sword Dance] is a combined skill that allows you to use [swords], and you can use two-handed swords, one-handed swords, and daggers, but there are some troublesome restrictions.

The calculated attack power for a typical [One-Handed Sword] skill is

(100% Strength + 50% Agility) / 4 + [Weapon Skill x 1%].

 For the [Sword Dance] skill, it is

[Strength 50% + Agility 50% + Attractiveness 50%] / 4 + [Weapon Skill x 1%].

What this means is that if I don’t dance in a combination of hundreds of predetermined dance patterns, the charm value bonus won’t be applied to my attack power.

I found the most efficient dances on a strategy site, but if you want to be efficient, you have to dance like in a Bon Odori… That is not good.

That’s why, although it was a combined skill, there were almost no users, but I decided to wield it like a one-handed sword, which works well with [Sword Dance] and use a longsword technique to spin around to create a dance  that can produce maximum power while dancing beautifully.

Well, it was because I am a half-elf with high charm value.

While rotating Ridil around my body, I decided to do a backflip.
…This reveals the inside of your skirt, doesn’t it? It’s a show-off, but I’ve always worn special spats around my waist when I’m doing my sword dance, so what else should I do?

Well, it couldn’t be helped, I should give up.
Surviving was the priority.


I started to feel lethargic from all the movement.

It’s only been three to four hours since I took this form, right? It’s been far longer than last time, but I should leave quietly today to allow more time to spare.

One month has passed since I was like that, studying in the morning, napping from noon to evening, and verifying combat skills at night.

The concept of time in this world was different from that of the Earth, and it was said that a year consists of 350 days of 25 hours a day.
If you calculate it, it would be almost the same as a year on Earth.
An hour might be the same for both.

This past month was more comfortable for me than in my previous life, but I think it must be difficult for Meiya-san and her family who were taking care of me.

“Miss Carol, please excuse me while you are reading, Maia, please take the young lady upstairs to her room immediately.”

“What, mom, what’s wrong?”

In the living room, while reading [Beginner’s Introduction to Magic], which I’ve recently been able to read, a pale Meiya appeared and Maia unexpectedly shifted to a normal tone.

“Maia, when you’re working, call me by my name.
Ma’am, Miss Ilaria is here to see you.
I thought it would be best if the young lady did not see her.”


That wicked maid, Ilaria, showed up.
I wonder what kind of change of heart she had after not even approaching this place and avoiding me for so long?

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