Ability Verification [Part 3]

“Setup [Witch Dress].”

When I recite the “Command”, which is not the language of this world, the [Witch Dress] set is equipped, and my body morphs from a three-year-old to a player character, who is about 15 years old.

“No problem, I guess.”

Bugs are a feature if they can be used continuously and consistently.

(Editor: Look at the editor.)

I couldn’t verify this last time because I didn’t have enough time, but when I calmly turned my attention to my inner self, I found that my HP and MP quantity had indeed gone down.

As I expected, I couldn’t see it numerically like in the game, but it was just a general feeling.

I opened the window quietly, hung my fingers on the window frame, and slipped out.

My muscle strength is not a problem.
I can support myself with just my fingertips.
But I need to practice my strength.
The window frame I pinched with my fingers was slightly crushed.

While moving into the forest so that no one can find me, I would like to review a little bit about my status here.

Here’s the initial status of a typical human.

 [Human Race, Level 1] Young Adult (20s) HP100 MP50

[Strength 50] [Endurance 50] [Agility 45] [Magic 40] [Charm 40] 

There are differences between men and women, but this is what the players of the human race looked like.

And my, my final status in VRMMORPG is–

[Half-elf, level 95] Teen (teen) HP340 MP520

[Strength 225] [Endurance 170] [Agility 240] [Magic 250] [Charm 205] 

It might not seem like a huge increase when you look at it like this, but I am level 95.
The status increase by level is only “1” per level.

Most of the increase comes from the bonus value of the increased skills.

Attack and defense increase by 1% per skill in the corresponding category.

MP also looks low for my level, but MP consumption is reduced by 1% for every 2 skills in the corresponding category, so I can reduce it by 50% at the maximum skill level of 100.

As a vanguard, my highest skill is [Shooting] at 90, so I can use it up to [Physical Enhancement Rank 4].
Rank 4 is an 80% increase, so in terms of muscle strength, I can reach a maximum of 405, so even with such thin arms, my power is almost 10 times that of an average person.

…Does that mean that if it wasn’t my body, I’d be buffed up? Or is it because skills and magic power are combined and enhance each other, so my appearance doesn’t change into something that resembles a buffed-up monster?

The question was, what level of strength would an average person have in reality? How strong was that butler named Rolf?

In the meantime, now that I am away from the mansion, I will use my [Racial Abilities], which was my goal for today.


I didn’t even need to command it, and my HP and MP recovered at a very fast rate.

This is an elven racial ability [Breath of Life].

It absorbs Ki from the air and nature and restores your strength and magic only once a day.

I’m glad I could use it… If I couldn’t use it, I would have been unable to continue my activities.
My basic stamina would still be that of a three-year-old, but I feel much more comfortable, so my activity limit in this state might have increased.

If only I didn’t have to fight, I would probably have more time to be active.

My HP has recovered, but I mustn’t let my guard down.
This world is not a game, it is reality.
If I am careless and get stabbed in my vitals, I could die instantly, just like that butler.

“Set [Hermes].”

The golden knife – [Dagger of Hermes] appears in my hand.

It’s the legendary weapon that chopped off the head of Medusa, but for some reason, it’s an [all-purpose knife] with the same appearance and with a  [Cooking Skill +5].  It only cuts meat.

But in the game, it’s dropped when you kill a [Legendary Killer].
There’s no deep meaning to it, though.


With a light swing of the knife, the tree trunk was cut roughly without any particular resistance.

This is too sharp.
Maybe because it was a game item?

I’m not sure if it was because it was a game item or not, but I’ll have to see if I can use other weapons with it.

“Set [Break Revolver].”

Now I’m equipped with a large, black pistol – [Break Revolver].

It’s a pistol, not a two-handed rifle, so I’m still left with the Hermes dagger in my left hand, but I want to shoot with both hands this time anyway, so I’ll put the knife in the bag.


I hold the gun with my right hand and put my left hand on the bottom of the grip, aiming at a suitable tree from about 10 meters away.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

The sound of the gunshot echoes in the quiet forest, and the birds fly out of the forest.
I’m sorry.

The first time I heard it, it sounded loud because it was quiet in the room, but actually, it wasn’t that annoying.
Come to think of it, why does it make so much noise when no gunpowder is used? Is this an adult thing?

(Editor: It is referring to the adult ‘chunibyou’ tendencies.
Look at the editor note for more info.)

Editor’s Notes:

[1] This is a play on the phrase “it is not a bug, it’s a feature!” It’s something you have to google, and it’s more to use as an accusatory argument to say a game developer is lazy in fixing bugs, but in this case, our MC is abusing the bug thinking that it’s a feature, and it won’t be nerfed.

[2] It is referring to adult ‘chunibyou’ tendencies, like for example, switching exhaust pipes on single/dual-piston motorcycles below 250cc so that it sounds louder, (or any cars for the matter), going around carrying the largest boomboxes back in the 90s, etc)

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