Battlefield of the Girls Flare vs.

A tornado of fire arose from the Prata family’s villa on the outskirts of the Royal Capital, blasting the villa’s upper floors into the sky.

“Flare-san, we won’t let you escape!”

A blonde girl with the sparkling light of multiple Spirits took off from the roof of the destroyed mansion, and when Flare saw Alice following her and Abel still alive in the broken mansion, she scowled as if she had seen filth.


*Guuuooooooooo! A huge flame shoots out from Flare’s fingertips like a flamethrower toward the ground.


At Alice’s request, Spirit of water, ice, and wind flew out and collided with Flare’s flames, creating a huge steam explosion.

Flare was shielded from the steam explosion by the massive Great Spirit of Fire that surrounded her, while Alice was shielded from the steam explosion by the many weaker spirits that surrounded her.


Screams could be heard from Abel and the other nobles directly below, as well as from the neighboring noble family’s mansion, and fully armed knights and soldiers rushed out.


Flare gives a small click of her tongue when she sees the knights who were hiding before now trying to stop Flare, perhaps having already evacuated the nobles in the vicinity.

Humans in this world may not have [level], but as their skills developed, their status also increased, making them less likely to die.
Even with that much steam, nearly half of them were still alive.

“Flare-san! What a terrible thing to do!”

“…You’re the one who increased the damage, no?”

Alice used a Wind Spirit to reach the sky above Flare, but Flare, who only had a Fire Spirit, could only free-fall into a soft landing by using updrafts.

As Flare fell, dozens of massive arrows were fired at her from the ballista set up in the mansion, which had somehow escaped the range of the steam explosion.

“What an overreaction to one little girl!”

Flare waved one hand, and the giant iron arrows melted in midair, and the molten iron rained down like rain, setting the soldiers and several noble houses ablaze after being exposed to it.

“I won’t let Flare-san do anything worse! Spirit-san!”

At Alice’s request, the Earth Spirits threw several boulders in the air.

Originally, Earth Spirits could not use their power while separated from the earth, but lower level Spirits who were not participating in the battle connected the earth and Alice with their Spirit power, allowing them to use their formidable power even in the air.

There were about a hundred rocks created, each about one meter in diameter.
The rocks began to spin like drills at high speeds, and Wind Spirits shot them out like bullets with compressed air, and Flare, as expected, stopped free-falling and took evasive action.


The rock bullets that were fired were smashed by Fire Spirit, but nearly 80% of the rock bullets that missed Flare reached not only the noble town, but also the city centre several kilometres away.

“Aaah! What if it hits my store!”

“You deserved it.”

Several buildings in the city center collapsed as dozens of rocks rained down, and smoldering smoke rose in several locations, most likely from rocks touched by the Fire Spirit.
Flare narrowed her eyes as she glanced sideways and ordered the Spirit of Fire.

“I don’t want an annoying b*tch in my world after all.
Here, have it back!”

With that command, the Fire Spirit turned some of the rocks it had caught and returned fire at Alice, who was now in a state of shock and awe.


Alice screamed, causing Ice Spirits to leap out and cool the lava.
However, because of the cooling, the rocks filled with Spirit power became flying debris, causing several weaker Spirits that were trying to protect Alice to disappear, severing their connection to the world.

“Oh, Spirit-san! Flare-san, I won’t forgive you anymore!”

There were ranks in Spirit’s strength, which was why Flare was able to compete with Alice’s multiple Spirits with a single Spirit.

Lower level Spirits utilize fallen rocks, bonfires, whirlwinds, and pond water.

Intermediate Spirit would be rain and snow, fire and landslides.
Life being born.

Advanced Spirit possessed the power to cause storms, forest fires, lightning, and small earthquakes.
As one would expect, advanced Spirits were not so common, but a good number of Spirits could be found in locations surrounded by Nature.

Greater Spirits were powerful enough to trigger natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons, tsunamis, and major earthquakes, and were only seen in rare instances.

When it comes to a Spirit King, they could control the seasons, day and night, and since there was only one of each in the world, they could not even be perceived by humans, so they were excluded.

However, this equilibrium was shifting with time.

The Spirit power that could be used by one Spirit rank was ten times greater than that of another rank.
Flare had grown up to be able to use the power of the Great Spirit, but in the past few months, the number of Spirits who were attracted to Alice had increased several folds.



The knights and soldiers who had been waiting for Flare to descend to the ground after the simultaneous attack by Alice’s Spirits rushed in.

[Take down the rebel, Flare!!!!!!!]

This was originally a move that Flare would use on Alice after she had purged the royalty.
It was supposed to be used first on the Crown Prince and the other nobles who had been imprisoned by Alice, but Alice had affected them faster than expected. 

“…Huh, that’s good too.
I wonder if you little fish can stop this Flare? Ahahaha!!!”

Still, Flare laughed fearlessly and loudly.

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