Flare ordered the local nobility of the noble faction to buy large quantities of food without taxation to aid the Third Order, which was beginning to fall behind in food supplies, and to bring them to her side by promising to make them the First Order when she became ruler.


Flare Mercury Prata personally orchestrated a coup d’état.


Normally, this would have taken years to complete in secret, but Flare saw the turmoil in the kingdom as the best opportunity, and she was moving quickly.


Flare understood that in a few more years, the country’s power would be weaker than it was now, and the coup might succeed more easily.
But Flare did not want such a weakened country, and sought the power of the entire national army to ensure the destruction of the [Entity] that was devouring the country.


That entity was Alice Lannon Yogle.


As a contractor of the Great Spirit, Flare was aware of the dangers of Alice.


She did not denounce it because she did not believe that a mere person could understand the peculiarity of Spirits.


Flare did not stand idly by and watch.
There had been countless assassinations, poisonings, flying debris made to look like accidents, building collapse, rampaging horses, and more assassinations than it would be silly to count, all of which were prevented by the ever-growing number of Spirits.


Of course, it was impossible for such a spectacular move to go unnoticed by the paranoid King or the cunning Prime Minister, but all assassinations against Flare also failed because Flare was a contractor of the Great Spirit.


More than that, Flare’s followers, fascinated by her ruthlessness and brutality, literally risked their lives to protect her, and her enemies were unable to get their hands on her in order to retaliate.
But Flare’s own father, the Duke of Prata, used her brother, his son, to trap Flare and her followers to temporarily separate them and take her to another place outside the Royal Capital and isolated them in a villa on the outskirts of the Royal Capital.


“What are you doing? Brother Cashmere?”


“Flare you have gone too far.”


Flare, Cashmere, and the others had no family affection for each other.
Therefore, when Cashmere offered his allegiance by killing a royalist noble as a sign of loyalty, Flare did not trust Cashmere because she trusted him, but because she was drunk with the brutality that would one day lead her to murder her own brother.


Separated from her followers, Flare was left alone.


His brother Cashmere, the knights of the House of Prata, and Abel, now the First Knight Commander, and his knights surround him with their weapons drawn, but they would still not be able to defeat Flare, a contractor of the Great Spirit.


Except for the only one person in the country–


“Come on, Flare-san, even as a friend, we won’t tolerate you, surrender!”


A fluffy blonde girl appeared at the door with a bang and said that in the shimmering light, accompanied by a slew of Spirits.


Flare only had one Spirit, but her contracted Great Spirit was powerful, and Alice had many Spirits but was not contracted, and even if she were strong, the strongest among her spirits was limited to the advanced Spirits, so the two were almost evenly matched in strength.


Because they were evenly matched, Flare was hoping to use the power of the national army to win, but when she was surrounded by a large number of knights and cornered, a ferocious smile appeared on Flare’s face.


“When did we become friends? Neither Carol nor I are crazy enough to make friends with a dull headed b*tch.”


“That’s terrible! I’ll let you apologize later, but I won’t share my pretzels with you!”


“You’re such a pain in the neck… just die already”


Flare’s silver hair surged like flames as she glared at Alice and Cashmere, and a giant Great Spirit of Fire appeared, scattering flames.
The next moment, a huge pillar of fire pierced through the mansion and rose to the heavens.

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