ong the dead bandits, and his complexion turned blue, and he swallowed his spit in anxiety.

The country began to wither from the outside, and only the central area, centered on the Royal Capital, flourished.

Every night there was an evening party in honor of the [Beloved Child], and the nobles rubbed up against each other to get a share of the concessions she was getting.

“You’ve come! Camille-sama!”

“…Miss Alice?”

As the younger brother of the king who lost his fiancée, Camille was unable to refuse the invitation of high-ranking nobles who wanted to sell their daughters to him.
So he responded coldly to Alice, who approached him without common sense or knowing the customs of the nobility.

“I’m sorry, but I’m already…”

“I know! Carol-san and I were “friends”, so if I tell you about my memories with Carol-san, it will make you feel a little better.”


Camille clenched his fists and gritted his back teeth as he replied with a smile that sounded as if he was remembering the deceased.

Alice had chosen Camille as the only person she really wanted to talk to about Carol, but the way she spoke to him, with no sense of distance, as if she were stepping into his shoes, made Camille feel a dark sensation, as if his insides were becoming heavy.

Even so, the other party was [Beloved Child of the Spirits], the only person who was believed to be able to suppress the Spirit anomalies in the country, and was also a candidate for the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Unable to treat Alice with such disregard, Camille played along with her with a blank smile on his face, and the gossiping nobles irresponsibly asked if this was a love affair between the Beloved Child and the King’s Brother.

“…I’m sorry, I don’t feel well, you’ll have to excuse me.”

“Really? Let’s talk again!”


“Good evening, Camille-sama.”

Nicholas chuckled as he offered Camille a glass of water flavored with citrus fruits.

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