eds were unable to use their Elven or Daemon abilities well, so Karm used the [Fusion] Magic Tool that Celia had created to become powerful.


“If what you say is true, you have not yet fully Fused your current body with that imaginary one.
From what I could see, it would take another ten years or so before you could fuse, but as it is now, it would certainly be difficult to beat that [Beloved Child].”


She also told me about [Beloved Child of The Spirits], who was loved unconditionally by the spirits.


Celia told me that in ancient times, the High Elves created several Magic Tools to contract with spirits.


There was one Magic Tool that was powerful and could use multiple spirits.
Along with that Magic Tool were several Magic Tools that could be used to contract individual spirits to assist their contractor. 


They were entrusted to Karm and Nym, but after their deaths, those tools were scattered all over the land of the humans, while the unique one that could do multiple contracts became a Magic Tool that resides in the soul.
That tool had now created the person who became known as the [Beloved Child of The Spirits].


…Magic Tool residing in the soul? How did that even happen?


“This is it.
This is the Magic Tool that I gave to Karm.”


Celia showed me the Magic Tool used by Demon Lord Karm, a glowing ball of immaterial material made of High Elven technology.


“Are you sure you want to use it? Not that I don’t trust that you could use it, but…”


“Thank you, Grandma.
I would like to use it.”


I nodded to Celia and extended my hand towards the ball, but then the ball of light that had been floating around suddenly flew towards me and was sucked into my chest.






I kneeled, knocking over my chair, and Celia rushed over to me.


“Why did Magic Tool do that on its own…, Carol!”


“It’s okay, I’m… fine.”


My insides felt like they were being stirred into a mess, and I became nauseous and dizzy, unable to stand.


Celia said that the Magic Tool moved on its own… but I understand why it happened.
This Magic Tool, made for Karm, recognized me as its new master.


But I was at my wits end…I told Celia that I was okay for now, then my consciousness was enveloped in darkness.

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