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I didn’t have enough information…anyway, there was one thing I wanted to try.


“Uncle, one cream taiyaki.”


“Yes, that will be 180 yen!”


I didn’t have their money with me here.


I had no choice.
It might be made of some suspicious substance, so it’s dangerous to eat it.


But at least I knew that we could talk to each other.
I wondered if it wasn’t an illusion, or if there was some kind of advanced magic being used…


I could use my physical abilities as they were.
I didn’t have the money to take the train, but it didn’t matter because I could travel faster than a train.


…I missed it.
As I was walking around aimlessly and eating fried bread from Bag, sprinkling sugar on it, a pigeon came close to me, so I gave it a couple of pieces of bread.


As I walked around and kept looking, I noticed that it was getting dark and that I was right next to my former parents’ house.


I decided to head to my parents’ house to get something from my room while I was at it.
Suddenly, the door to my parents’ house opened and my former family members appeared.


Father, mother, brother, sister…they had finally become an ideal family without me, and when they saw me, they smiled broadly and opened their arms as if to embrace me.


“”Welcome back!””


“[Fire Storm]”


The 7th Class Magic [Fire Storm] erupted around me, burning an area of about 100 meters in diameter, completely eradicating both people and buildings.


I was horrified.
This was just a bad replica of that world.
How could that prick family speak those lines? Even if they were real, I would have done the same thing unintentionally if they said those lines to me.




Noise filled the sky as the scene in front of me burned, causing all the creatures to lose color as they melted and crumbled.
Could it be a slime-like magical creature? Perhaps the slime outside was also the one that escaped from this place.


“You’re being awfully flashy, aren’t you? Who are you?”


When the sky, walls, and ceiling disappeared and nothing was present, a voice resounded through the hazy area, revealing a woman’s appearance.


Her hair was pure white and glossy, her skin was translucent white, her eyes were bright red, and her ears were a little longer than those of ordinary elves.


The first high elf I met was a beautiful, slightly luscious lady.

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