him to stop.




I exhaled with a sense of accomplishment next to Barbas, who twitched on the ground.


At times like this, I would have calmed myself down by fluffing Pochi, but he had run after the large animals that had sprung up all over the place the moment the magic exploded.
After a while, it would certainly come back to show off with the prey it had hunted in its mouth.




At that moment, Boris, who had finally come to his senses, raised his voice.


“Don’t worry.
I hit him with a dull edge.”


“What do you mean by a hit? You twisted his neck as if you were strangling a bird!”


It seemed that he had witnessed the actual crime.


I had no choice but to forcefully recover MP with a potion and use the 6th Class magic [Ressurection].
He is not (yet) dead, but [Ressurection] was not just a magic that could bring people back to life; it also healed fatal wounds and regenerated missing parts so that they would not die again so soon.
I did not know if it was a bug or not, but since it could be used even if the person was not dead, I often used it to heal injuries that were debuffs in the game, something it was not originally intended to do.


“[Resurrection]! I thought there would be no one left who could handle this magic now that the priests have been corrupted!”


As soon as he was resurrected, Barbas was excited and noisy again.


Come to think of it, Barbas was a royal court magician.
I was not going to get anywhere with this magic geek, so I went straight into the cave in the rocky hill where the sealed door was located.


“Wait for me, Carol-dono! About the 10th Class magic, gefu.”




I turned around, hearing a sound similar to a frog being crushed, and saw Barbas crouching at the entrance of the cave with his nose held in his hands.
Boris and the others who came after him were also repelled by something invisible at the entrance.


“What in the world is this…?”


“The seal, it looks like it’s still in place.”


“Why is Carol-dono unaffected?”


“I don’t know.”




I didn’t understand what was going on, but it seemed that I was the only one who could enter.
I tilted my head as I honestly did not understand, and Barbas, who appeared to have thought he would be able to observe the High Elf magic, fell to the ground with his hands and knees in shock.


“Boris, can you explain this to Pochi and everyone in the village?”


Please be careful.


“Nn, I will leave the rest to you.”

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