es, and the inhabitants began to praise Alice.


“Let’s go look around the rest of the country anyway! I’ll give you a discount now!”


The reward for one location was three large gold coins.
The lords of each region added more to the price to get her there first, since Alice’s visit would fertilize even the ordinary land.


But while the land seemed to be temporarily enriched, over time the springs and wells dried up again, and the forest lands lost even more of their vitality.


The spirit users were troubled by the complete absence of spirits from the land, and the farmers asked their lords to lower their taxes because they could no longer grow crops, but the lords refused, forcing the people to pay even heavier taxes to finance the return of the [Beloved Child of The Spirits].


The people who suffered the most were the subhumans who still remained in the area.


Although the subhumans had already fled the area around the capital, there were still many subhumans left in rural and remote areas.
They used magic to stop disasters, made weapons and armor as well as high-quality ironware necessary for daily life, and used their strong bodies to do hard work that could not be handled by humans.


Even if their lives were somewhat difficult, they remained in this country because they believed that their disappearance would cause trouble for the human commoners.


However, the nobles and lords brought up the order to capture the subhumans, which had been issued before by the government, and forced the subhumans to pay a tax nearly double that of humans.


The tax rate was 90%.
Those who could not pay were captured, and their property confiscated, and young men and women were sold into slavery to the nobility.


Most of the subhumans left the city at night with their families, and some lost their lives fighting to save their fellow slaves.


With the disappearance of the subhuman population, part of the economy began to stagnate, and in a country where only the royal capital prospered, people’s dissatisfaction swelled, and the country began to be greatly burdened by the darkness.

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