Country of the Daemons (2)

Nothing special happened on the way to Belias, the last Daemon County.

I stayed in Carol mode to save my strength, but I was able to ride on the back of Pochi, the dark dragon, without being attacked by any of the less intelligent demons who might have attacked us along the way.

If there was a problem, it would be that there were no accommodations in the forest, so we would have to stay in the wild.
I was the only girl in the group, so I hoped the men would do their best to take care of me.

“Carol-dono, about the encampment–“

“I don’t need it, except for meal breaks.
The Demon Wolf can run for three days, right?”


[I want to sleep, too.]

I didn’t hear you.
Pochi would be fine without sleep for a week, and I would be fine as well, because I would be dozing off on Pochi’s back.
I didn’t think my previous life skill of dozing off in a half-awake state while staying up all night playing games for a few days would become helpful in this way.

“Carol-dono, I think I’ll hunt for a meal–“

“Don’t worry.
I have it.”


Boris’s eyes lit up as I pulled the mystery meat skewers, fried noodles, fish paste, fried bread, and other items that I had purchased from stalls all over the place over the past ten years out of the [Bag] in a warm temperature.

“Have some too, Pochi.
There’s water here, too.”

[Carol…how much have you bought?]

“A lot… probably enough to feed that Daemon settlement for three months.”


I worked very hard to get ready for everything.
I even had 10 tonnes of refined wheat on hand so that we could engage in siege warfare.
I also had about 5 tonnes of refined iron ore and copper ore as well.

By the way, if I put clothes in my [bag], I could change clothes in an instant.
The inside of the [bag] became data and was saved, so even a dirty outfit would become as good as new if you placed it in and took it out.
Hurray for cheats.

It was a forced march, but we were able to arrive in Daemon Country in the morning, three days later.
If we had traveled normally, we would probably have arrived this evening or night, so we got there about half a day earlier than we would have otherwise.
The plan was to arrive a day earlier and stay overnight at an inn, but that would have been unreasonable.

“Hey, that group there, stop!”

As we approached the walls surrounding the city of the Daemon Country, we were stopped by the soldiers guarding the gates, which was understandable since Pochi was with us.

Then, Boris took a step forward and called out to the gate guard.

“I am Boris, second knight captain of the Royal Guards! I have brought a guest by the order of His Majesty.
Open the gate!”

“Boris-sama! But that dragon will frighten the people!”

Even though it was the king’s order, the soldiers guarding the gate looked at the dark dragon with disapproval.
…I was impressed when I saw a serious gatekeeper because the gatekeepers in the Caenista kingdom were either energetically demanding bribes or playing around doing nothing.

But what they said was correct, and Boris frowned a little worriedly, then looked at me, as if trying to confirm the situation.

“We can’t keep Pochi-dono waiting around here…”

“Pochi, what do you want to do?”

[I want to sleep in a decent place at least for today!]

“Is it not possible to stay here?”

“…I will ask.”

Boris was taken aback by our conversation.

Of course, everyone wishes to sleep in a warm place.
Some may question whether Pochi, a dragon, truly required a place to sleep.
But Pochi was clean and loved to keep his dwelling covered with straw, changing it as soon as it got dirty.

Eventually, after an hour, we received an order from the king to open the gate using a communication magic tool, and I was able to enter the city of Daemon while riding on Pochi.

I may appear selfish, but I wanted to keep my allies together in case it was a trap, and Pochi’s presence was also a good deterrent.

[Carol, do you think they have good food? I’m looking forward to it].

“…I’m looking forward to it as well.”

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