“Alright, that’s enough.”




At that moment, I, who applied physical reinforcement, intervened and caught the two great swords that were swung down with my hands.


“Ki, you, to interfere with a man’s match…”


“No matter how much you didn’t like it, young lady, this is just…”




“”What the?””


I grabbed their big sword and swung them around with the two of them, throwing them far away before they could complain.




The Daemons who were watching wanted to say something, but when I turned around, they looked away.
No more complaints, I guess.


“Patch up those people there.
They’re still alive.”




I yelled, and Maia and a few Daemons who had been hiding burst out, tending to the men who had been knocked out by Bert-san.


“…Can you …spare them?”


Boris, who had been hit badly after being thrown, came back with Bert-san on his shoulder.
Are you guys good friends now?


“That remains to be determined…”


“Young Lady Carol! This one is not breathing!”


Everyone gulped for a moment after hearing Maia’s report, and Bert-san, who thought he was holding back, slightly strained his expression.


It’s natural to die in battle.
It’s not your concern.”




“It’s too early to give up.”


Bert and Boris looked up as I muttered this, and everyone’s eyes were drawn to me.


“–Setup [Saint Cloche] all–“


My appearance changed from red and black [Witch] gear to white and silver [Saint Cloche] armor, and I raised my huge staff to the heavens.




This was the 6th class magic [Resurrection], a magic that could normally Resurrect the dead in the VRMMO, but in reality it was only as effective as an electric shock in a hospital.


The maximum time for resurrection to be effective was about 10 minutes after death.
It was barely enough, but with Daemon’s toughness and their high status, it could be–




“Young Lady! They came back to life!”


“Oooooohh…” A groan could be heard from the surrounding area, indicating that either the Wand with the [Extended Range] effect or the additional effect of [Resurrection], which restores 20% of the HP, caused the other men who had also fallen to stand up.




Boris saw this and looked at me silently, then knelt down in front of me and bowed deeply, not with intimidation, but with his own will.


I was then invited to accept an invitation from the King of the last remaining country of Daemons.

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