tle was about to begin when Uncle Bert appeared from behind Pochi.


He was dressed in jet-black full-body armor in the shape of a Demon, with spikes all over the place, making him look like a villain in his own right as he lightly pulled out a large, ominous sword.


“Who is this guy? He’s not just an ordinary person, despite his hideous appearance!”


“I… Yes, I’m the Black Knight, Bert, the protector! Come on, come at me from anywhere!”


…I guess you really like your outfit, don’t you, Bert-san?


But would it be okay? I wondered if it was okay to leave it to him, because even though he had passed the first level limit, he had not yet improved his skills, and despite their small fry behavior, I had a feeling these people in armor were strong.


“Fine, Black knight, let’s go!”






A large warrior from among the armored people attacked with a huge battleaxe, and Bert-san caught him with his greatsword, sending sparks flying wildly.
Bert-san was also large for a human, but he and the Daemon Warrior were locked in a fierce battle, even though the difference in their physiques was almost twice as large.




But Bert-san didn’t continue to clash with the warrior, he spun the blade of his greatsword to parry the axe, and kicked the warrior in the stomach, knocking him out of his stance.


“Only one Daemon Warrior like that is not enough! Come at me, all of you!”


“You’re so cocky! You will regret your arrogance in the afterlife!”


The armored warriors, provoked by Bert-San, surrounded him with all their weapons at the ready.


He used his greatsword and gauntlets to catch and parry the spear attacks coming from both sides.
He could do that because he was equipped with indestructible equipment.
I made him do reckless things to train, but he seemed to have really grasped the characteristics of the equipment and built his own way of fighting using it.


Except for attacks that would knock him out of his stance or impact his armor, he ignored them because of the armor’s performance and instead blew them away with strong attacks that were counter-attacks in response to the warrior’s large swinging attacks.


“Is this all you could do! An ogre swarm was worse! I really thought I was going to die then, you know!”


“What are you talking about?




After all, it might have been a little much to ask him to do in real life what a player would do in the game. 


The next quest to break through the limit was to randomly summon Demons from the demon world and make them obey you….

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