Messenger from the Daemon Kingdom Part 1


After a few days of rattling around in a horse-drawn carriage, we arrived at the Arceides Frontier Count’s territory.


As expected, we could not use the dungeon-based shortcut with Maia and the others, who were civilians, so instead we took the horse-drawn carriage to the vicinity of the Demon Forest.


For the past few days, I stayed in the [Witch] state except when I went to bed to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, but it seemed that everyone was finally getting used to it.


As expected, no Official Notice to capture subhumans had yet reached this remote area, but [Witch], the adventurer, had defeated a number of dark knights here, so I was equipped with my archery gear just in case.


My parents in this life…what are they doing? I remembered them doing a lot of things to me, but to be frank, they didn’t interest me anymore.


I was worried about where to run away with the three of them, but eventually, I decided to take them to the Daemon settlement.


There was another country nearby, one of which was the hometown of Cam’s mother, and I heard that it was tolerant of subhumans, from when he had studied abroad, but I did not confirm if this was actually the case, and if it really was a good country, I did not want to cause any trouble if my true identity was discovered.


I was also a little nervous about taking everyone to the Daemon village….


Maia and her family possessed Beastman blood, but they looked almost human.
I was a little worried about whether it would be safe to take them to a place where they hated humans so much, but those people were good people at heart, so I think it would be fine …at worst, I’ll make Pochi go berserk.


For the time being, I took Maia and the others to the downtown area of Arceides territory to buy necessities for the three of them, who had arrived with almost nothing but their clothes on.




“Maia, are you tired?”


“No, no, I’m not tired.
I am full of energy.”


When I called out to Maia, who was sighing, she turned around and smiled.


Maia seemed to get along well with Nicholas, Cam’s butler and friend, so I suppose she was sad to be away from him.


“It’s okay…”


“…Young Lady.”


I lightly tapped her on the shoulder to encourage her, but Maia looked up at me with an even more saddened look on her face.


…That’s why I didn’t want to do it.
I knew what she was going to say, but if I tried to be friendly and give her advice, it was definitely going to end up being about me.


It wasn’t that I didn’t have my own thoughts on the subject, but even in my previous life, I was terrible at talking about them.


“Shall we go then?”


“Young Lady Carol, where are we going”


I packed my belongings and placed them in my [bag], and we were about to leave when Meiya asked.


“A nice place.”


“…I see.”


I didn’t tell them much.
It wasn’t because I thought it would be too much trouble.
I feared that if I told the others, who were regular people, that we were going to Daemon’s place, they would become uneasy.


We then proceeded as far as we could with the cheap waggon and a big horse that was only strong enough to carry us for a short distance before selling it for a couple of dollars in a village along the way before it became impossible to proceed on the mountain road.


As we entered the Demon Forest, I muttered a few words as I watched the blood drain from the three of them’s faces as the presence of the demons grew stronger.




This was not magic, but an ability that VRMMO Players have.


In the VRMMO game, as the level increases, the lower-ranked demons would become afraid of the Player and stop attacking.
This would be fine if that were the only reason, but the weaker demons would run away and hide and not come out.


It would be nice to be able to feel powerful, but I would like to avoid doing so.
It would be impossible to collect materials.
Additional features were added because when there was only one strong Players in the area, low-level Players could not hunt prey and the site would be in chaos.


[Restriction] and [Release].


It wouldn’t limit my abilities, but if I restrict them, the weaker, more aggressive demons would attack me energetically.


The only time I removed the restriction was when I pet Pochi and the last time I had a major battle.




As soon as I let go of my original high-level presence, all the bird-type demons in the area flew away, and the beast-type demons curled their tails and fled at once.


As expected of demons, they were quick to sense danger.


“Well then, let’s go.”


“”Yes, yes!””

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