“…not yet?”

“Walk, hurry up!”

We arrived at the dark, dank, dirty and smelly dungeon… and for some reason, I had to walk endlessly through the dimly lit underground corridors.

Not that the dungeon was any better, but where did this path lead to? It already went beyond the limits of the castle, which was uselessly spacious, didn’t it?


“It’s up here.”

After that, I was made to climb a spiral staircase to reach a single door.



The room was a stone warehouse-like room that was not very clean.
A large window overlooked the huge royal castle directly in front of us, just a few hundred meters away. 

But it didn’t matter.
This was most likely the spire at the castle’s end.
At the back of the room, surrounded by maids, was a silver-haired woman with a veil over her face.

“I’ve brought the subhuman woman!”

“Yes, thank you for your help.”

The silver-haired woman exerted herself lightly, and the knights smiled with a sneer, as if they were waiting for something.

“Oh, you didn’t get your reward yet.”

The knights seemed to have brought me here on this person’s orders.
The silver-haired woman quietly steps forward to hand the knights their reward and points her white fingertips at them.



Instantly, the two knights burst into flames, screaming and flailing, and within seconds they were charred and crumpled, and a rising wind of flame rolled up the woman’s veil.

“Ho ho ho ho, how about that for a reward?”


The silver-haired woman was Flare.
It seemed like the situation had changed.
I would have been put in the dungeon, but perhaps Flare bribed a knight to bring me here.

“Carol, it’s been a long time.”

“…Flare, why?”

I asked, and Flare smiled bewitchingly as she trampled the black ashes that had turned to dust with her high heels.

“I wasn’t amused that you were being treated so poorly by those small fry.
Why aren’t you doing anything? It’s not like you to not do anything, right?”


I didn’t expect Flare to tell me off….
But indeed, it was true.

I was worried about Maia and the others and Cam, so I was very distracted, which was probably out of character for me.

“Flare, may I ask for another favor from you?”

“Sure, you can ask me for anything you want.”

Flare crossed her arms as she lifted a very overgrown part of her body.

“Can you get the family of my servants out of here?”

“Oh, is that all? You could entrust them to me.
And…? What does Carol have to show me in return?”

Cam would be able to manage on his own.
But I was worried about Maia and the others, so I entrusted them to Flare.

I would never trust the nobles in this country at all, but the only one I could trust was Flare the Villainess.
This country was just that bad.

“What’s at the top of that castle?”

Flare’s assassin maids approached me to remove my magic-sealing shackles, but when I declined and asked, Flare comfortably informed me.

“It’s the treasury, as I recall.
I’ve never seen it because only the king can enter, but I was told that it was filled with junk.”


Nodding, I approached the large window where I could see the castle.

“–Setup [Witch Dress]–“

Instantly, I was dressed in a crimson dress.
As the shackles shattered and fell to the floor, the assassin maids gasped, and Flare’s eyes lit up with delight when she saw me, as if she had discovered something delightful.

I went out through the large window onto the terrace and held up my hand to the heavens, concentrating my magical power.

“–[Thunder Rain]–“

In the blink of an eye, the clear sky was covered with dark clouds, and thunder roared through the clouds.

Normally, I would have let [Thunder Rain] descend over a wide area like this, but I took out my Zanbatou Ridil in my hand held up to the sky and raised it to the heavens in precise magic control.


Lightning converged, and a huge thunderbolt fell from the heavens.
But this was not aimed anywhere, and the huge thunderbolt struck Ridil directly, causing a pillar of lightning to rise from the tip of Ridil.

“[I am the one who pursues the truth, the one who seeks the art of governing reason]”

“[Hear me O heavens, howl upon the earth, Iron Maiden, chain of the heavens and the earth, open a path path descending from the sky, a beacon of death, I will bring down upon you the wrath of God…]”

” [shout] !”

10th Class Magic–

“–[Exa Donner]–“

At those powerful words, the huge lightning emanating from Ridil became a blade, and with a downward swing of the blade, it ripped through the atmosphere with a sound like a stringed instrument hitting a series of high-pitched keys.
It slashed and blew apart the top of the castle, the highest point in this country, the symbol of the castle’s authority.


Screams echoed here from the castle as a large amount of debris rose.

I turned around with the still electrified Ridil in one hand and pinched the hem of my skirt with the other hand to perform a curtsy, and Flare burst out laughing, holding her stomach.

Goodbye, Royal Capital, the next time we meet I wouldn’t be so forgiving.

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