Battle of the Demon Forest (4)


“Bert Ram Bash will defeat you!”




Bert-san stood in front of me.


To be honest, I had been training under the assumption that there were many knights of his caliber in the kingdom, but none of the knights in the kingdom were as strong.


Bert-san was strong.
And if there was more than one knight in his class, they would have a chance to beat me.


As far as I could understand….
he was once as strong as a level 40+ knight.
That was before, and it seemed like he had trained since then, probably reaching around level 50, the limit of the humans.


If he had trained this much in only 10 years, most of his skills should have been focused on the combat aspect.
I believed that the current Bert-san could defeat even a lower level dragon single-handedly.


 [Bert! Bert! Bert!]


Soldiers who had lost the will to fight and were fleeing came to a halt, turned their heads, and yelled his name.


Hero – such a word came to my mind.
One who had approached the limits of human strength.


On the battlefield, where the noble commanders were the first to flee and only ordinary soldiers and low-ranking knights remained, Bert’s presence boosted morale and lit the light of hope in their hearts.


The strongest warrior of humanity.
Perhaps Bert was the [Sword Saint].
No wonder he was exceptionally strong.


 [Carol, you want me to go and beat them?] 


“No, I’ll do this.


I stroked Pochi’s fur, who said something cute, and stepped forward, fluttering down to the ground from Pochi’s back, while Bert, a battle maniac, approached from the other side with a delighted gait.


“Hey there, demon lord’s young lady.
Thanks for agreeing to this fight! Oh, have I seen you before?”


“It’s just your imagination.
We’ve never met before.”


“Oh, I see.
I don’t know any Demon King.”




Thank God, Bert-san was a simple guy.
I think he has only strengthened his combat skills, and as a result, his INT skills have not improved as much as they could have.


…I was about to come up with some terrifying ideas, but we should get started.


I wouldn’t go easy on you this time, okay…?






Bert barely caught the sword fight with his big sword as I took a step over a dozen meters away.
Even if the level did not exist, Bert’s skills were sufficient to be equivalent to a high level.




I quickly repelled Bert’s sword on reflex with the small reinforced metal of my glove and then hit Bert in the jaw with the hilt of my Ridil, which was in proximity and badly spaced.


“Gooooo, that was nasty!”


If it were a normal knight, that attack would have shattered his jaw, but once Bert got his distance, he jumped up and swung his great sword at me in a sideways cleave.


“There’s someone I want to beat! I can’t stop here!”


Could it be [Witch]? Bert had clearly been training with this in mind ever since our brief encounter.


The results of that training showed in his skills and status, and even though he was almost at the highest limit for humans even before, he was one step stronger than when we fought before.




“[Enhance Strength]”




I neither avoided nor received the great sword that was swung at me, but directly grabbed it and crushed it in my grip.


“What? Ugh!”


I grabbed Bert’s face as he was distracted for a moment by the shattering of his beloved sword, and slammed the tip of the Ridil right in front of his face as he rolled on the ground.

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