Explosive spells shattered the earth and blew away the forest, and large amounts of dirt and flying debris struck the flanks of the army in a wide area.


“They’re here, Daemons!”


“Filthy Daemon! Take this hammer of justice!”


Seeing that the damage was extensive but not too severe, the knights in the vicinity raised their spirits.


Due to the repeated attacks in the forest, the knights felt like this was just some sort of exercise, but by the time they realized it, hundreds of knights had been defeated or neutralized.


The second and third knight commanders who noticed the situation urged the knights to be on alert, and the knights finally got serious, but they still did not know what [the enemy] was capable of.


Sprinting through the forest at a speed that even the horses could not keep up with, the girl fired her magic at the knight corps she spotted.


“–[Ice Storm]–“


“Ggh, it’s ice magic.”


“Hold your shields up.
How many times can she fire such great magic?”


As one of the captains tried to inspire the knights under his command, the [Ice Storm] blew again.
It was not just one, but a series of blasts, and after the Ice Storm blew through, more than 50 knights turned into ice statues and glistened in white.


“The enemy is a sorcerer! Those who can use fire magic, build a wall!”


“The enemy is a single sorcerer! Crush it!”


The other knights immediately rushed in to deal with the situation and tried to crush her with their mass.


However, what was different from before was that the knights, who had only rushed forward in their haste to gain success, fell back.
Knowing that the enemy was using high-powered magic, they brought forward ordinary soldiers with their shields up.


The jet-black girl quietly points her finger at the young soldiers, who had no experience in war, as they rush in with blue faces.




The magic of [Lightning] flying in a straight line pierced through the center of the hundreds of soldiers, and as the jet-black girl ran through the center of the hundreds of soldiers, where the front line had collapsed due to being cut off and paralysed, she held her magic gun up to the knights in the rear, who were hurriedly holding their shields.


“–[Death Slug]–“




The magic gun’s [Combat Skill] crushed more than a dozen knights in a straight line with their shields.


“Damn! How dare you, Daemon!”


As the leader of the Third Order, who was standing behind her, mounted on his horse and approached the girl with his spear ready, she put away her magic gun, held up her slightly warped single-edged sword with both hands, and cut the knight leader in half with his horse as they passed each other.


Without using high-powered magic, she overwhelmed the knight commander with her swordsmanship.


However, although a third of the knights had already been defeated, there were still nearly 700 knights gathered one after another, and the soldiers remained almost whole, as if the girl was prioritizing defeating the commanders.


The central core of the Second Order was defeated, but the girl was surrounded by 2,000 soldiers.


For now, the soldiers were not attacking out of fear, but once the other knights arrived, she would be truly exposed to the violence of their numbers.


In the midst of all this, the girl looked up to the heavens, put her fingertips to her lips, and whistled high in the air.


And then–




A jet-black shadow descends from the heavens.
It was a black dragon with the silhouette of a terrifyingly fast and terrifyingly huge beast, spraying flames and blasting the soldiers.


A swirling breath of flame.
The sight of the ancient dragon, which had not been seen in decades, and its roar that crushed the spirit of the weak, caused half of the soldiers and low-ranking knights to flee, losing the will to fight, and they collided with the knights who were still trying to fight, causing chaos.


Some soldiers and knights who knew of the rumor muttered its name with stunned faces.


“…It’s the Demon King!”


Five years ago, there were rumors in the port town of a Demon King riding a black dragon who crushed a huge trading ship.


Even if it had appeared out of nowhere, neither the soldiers nor the knights would have lost their will to fight to such an extent.
However, seeing the deaths of their comrades up to this point, as well as the girl’s terrifying strength, broke the hearts of the soldiers and knights who had never been on a proper battlefield and were terrified.


In terms of the number of defeated soldiers in the army as a whole, it was less than 10%.
However, if most of the defeated knights were, in fact, the mainstay of the army, it would have been a considerable blow that would have jeopardized not only the Crown Prince’s reputation, but also his ability to advance further.


Still – the Knights of Caenista had this man.


“What a dragon! Hey, demon king’s young lady, come down here! I’ll be your opponent!”


The soldiers, who had been on the run, looked up at his words and his majestic appearance.


He received the title of “Sword Saint” for presenting the king with a dragon slain as a solo adventurer, and became the most powerful knight in the Caenista Kingdom.


“I, Bert Ram Bash, will defeat you!”

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