are an enemy of all of us.”


A common enemy created outside to unite the country.
It was a common but simple and effective measure.


The knight was just as narrow-minded as his appearance, but he had a solid sword.
And maybe he had even higher status than the knights at the front.


“You can scream in terror, can’t you? Or do subhumans not have delicate emotions like humans?”




I stared at him silently as he shrugged his shoulders in a theatrical gesture.


“Well, it doesn’t matter either way, but to answer your question at the end, to make Daemons enemies of humanity, Miss Carol, a subhuman, must betray humanity and cause damage to the troops, so that she will be killed here.
Well, if that were not the case, I would have asked you to drink poison that would have put you in a vegetative state, but the Prime Minister seems to have suffered damage because of the Daemons, and he wants me to kill you, a subhuman as well.“




The Prime Minister’s dog….


Apparently, the future has changed because I destroyed the Prime Minister’s smuggling ships and drug farms.


I was supposed to be poisoned, which would have saved my life to the point of paralysis, but the Prime Minister’s hatred of subhumans spurred him to order them to kill me instead.


Before the change, the future would have had no such spoilers….


Make the Daemon a complete enemy of humanity, take another Daemon territory, make me, Cam’s fiancée, the bad guy, ruin Cam’s reputation, and also make him despair.


But this time, the Prime Minister put his emotions first, even though the route he took before the change was probably less problematic, the fact that Cam would be devastated when I died did not change.


Overall, even if the future changed, the fate it followed was the same.


“Isn’t it time for you to go? I’d like to say that you don’t have to suffer… but my friends and I hate subhumans to the point of repugnance, so please show us the face of your suffering.”




If I died here, they would be right, and Human Race Supremacy might spread even to the commoners.
Even if I fought against the knights, the outcome might go according to their intentions.
… But…




“–Setup [Witch Dress]–“




Instantly, a woman dressed in crimson, her skirt embroidered with roses and thorns fluttered, gripped the black metal-reinforced gloves tightly, and with ten times the status of an average person, she struck the knight squarely in the face, and the man screamed in a strange voice as he flew ten meters away.




In the forest, which was stunned into silence by the sudden events, I quietly announced to the remaining knights of the Prime Minister while holding the Zanbatou Ridil in my right hand and the magic gun Break Revolver in my left.


“I will not be defeated by fate.”

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