Convincing them…seems impossible…even in the game they were 100% enemies just because they were Daemons, and even more so because of their Human Supremacy belief.
Except for Uncle Bert.


I think I could convince Uncle Bert, but he enjoys fighting strong people, so I had a feeling that it would be troublesome.


“I’m not going.”


“Well…I was hoping I could fight the Young Lady on the road.”


“Hmmp, let’s go, Father.
Subhumans are just a bunch of untrustworthy people.”




I might have to fight them, huh? 


For now, I declined Uncle Bert’s invitation.


It would be physically impossible for me to attend the same event as a noble.
But if I could refuse Julio’s order, who was royalty to begin with, I would be excluded from the event.


And…there was also the matter of the content of the Game event.


I didn’t play the hidden character route and only got the information from the game creator’s website, and during the raid, I (Carol) was paralyzed and Cam was saddened, but in the first place, could I, as my Player Character, be paralyzed? 


To be honest, even if I was hit by something that causes instant death, I could revive even if I was half in ashes, you know? 


I’m going to speculate from now on, but the creator of the game created a doujin Otome Game with many routes by foreseeing the future of the other world.


He probably saw many more futures than the route, and I wonder if some of them were futures in which I was not a Player Character.


But the contents of that Game might not necessarily be true.


The aspects that can be seen vary depending on the creator’s subjective impression, and I may have created different futures, just as he may not have seen the future perfectly in the first place.


I doubt that the author was in a sane state of mind when he wrote on his blog that a [God descended], or that he must have been jealous of [Villainess] as a game, so I simply backed away from all the other information.


The Capture targets were also [Perverts] but were masked with [Pure Love].


Also, although I lived my life as I did, I still ended up as a [Villainess] without problems, even though there were a few deviations from the Game’s route.


Multiple routes mixed up? Some events have not yet occurred? I would say that the future was not definite, so I have a feeling that their personalities might be a little different from those in the Game.


…Mainly because all of them ended up in a terrible state.

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