Flag Events


I was afraid that I would be caught for disrespect if I grabbed a beetle or a piece of grass and shoved it into the crown prince’s mouth, even though I had done it accidentally.


…Why was he so happy and ecstatic?


Julio was a pervert who was thrilled to be defiled, and his entanglement with Alice and me seemed to stem from his desire to be eroded by filth as he came into contact with the filthy commoners and subhumans.


Julio’s adoration for Cam was as if he felt sympathy for both me as a subhuman and him as a normal fiancée.


Do not mix us together, you idiot.


In a way, I think he would be happiest to be married to Alice. 


But if only that part was taken out of the story, it would certainly be like an actual “Otome Game”, wouldn’t it? 


I wondered why Ian, the Prime Minister’s son, was attracted to Alice, but I was certain that he also had some hidden preferences (I am sure of it).


“Ian, are you all right? I’ll give you a discount for the de-worming medicine.”


“Thank you, Alice, what a wonderful woman you are…”


Alice was the one who had given him the parasite, but as he paid one small gold coin for a mere antiparasitic, Ian saw Alice’s (disgusted) smile as dreamy, which was reflected in his eyes.


…Perhaps Ian was happy to be mistreated? I wondered why the son of the prime minister, who seems so obsessed with money, spent so much money on Alice, but it made sense when I thought about it that way.


Julio was stimulated by being defiled, and Ian took pleasure in being abused.


They really made a great duo…to have such preferences at their age.


“So, the next time we meet, I’ll take you on a tour of the forest.
And I’d be happy to use the ingredients from the forest to make another dirty… wonderful dish.”




Eeh~…? Did he want to eat another of those? How masochistic could he be?


Flare also refused to go to a place like a forest, but Alice said she would accompany him, so he “begged” us to come with him.
I refused to go to the forest, but Alice said it was fine if she would go with him.


I think I could avoid this by asking Cam, the king’s brother, to come with me, but I wonder if doing so would make Cam’s position worse…


Speaking of which, there was an event where they went out to the forest.
…What was it about? 


If this were the case, I suppose I could actively work with Alice and the crown prince to improve their impressions of me in order to avoid the death flag, but if I thought about it, it would be very unusual for things to change now, because I would need to be recognised as the villainess who is normally disliked.


So ended the first encounter event with the crown prince Julio.


…This was an [Otome Game], wasn’t it? Why were all these perverts here? I didn’t notice it at all because the game only showed their beautiful sides.


But it was impossible for a heroine with a beautiful heart to have not just two, but five or six partners, or even a reverse harem, as one would normally think, right?


I was wondering if other Otome Games with reverse harem endings contained all perverts in a hidden part of the game.


Well, aside from this farce, I had a lot of hard work to do.


The final event, the graduation party, would be less than a year away.

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