f again.




He screamed and used a nearby tree as a shield.
However the tree was also shattered into smithereens by the blow, and Rolf was blown away along with the debris, and while his face was warped, he used his inner magic on a humanoid shadow that he could see for a moment as it passed by.


“[Oh, flame that controls all things! Be an arrow of fire and pierce my enemy]  [Fire Arrow] !”


A few flaming arrows appeared in the spell he cast and shot out into the red shadow.


An attack spell of the first rank.
Rolf, who was a double attribute of fire and earth, was immensely confident in his magical power, saying that it was due to his noble blood.


As the [Fire Arrow] was fired, the red shadow wavered faintly in the dust cloud that danced in the air under sudden movement…


“[Fire Arrow]”


With an unknown language, the Red Shadow also shot out a [Fire Arrow], knocking down all of Rolf’s Fire Arrows.


“What is this nonsense…?”


The launching of a single syllable spell.
This meant that it was not “magic” controlled by a researched spell, but instead it was “magic” controlled by a magician who understood the spell.




Rolf, who felt the difference in physical and magical abilities, once again fled into the surrounding woods when he sensed the approaching presence again.






At that moment, several trees so thick that looked like they could only be hugged by up to a hundred people were cut down with a single blow, and they fell to the ground making the earth tremble.


In the midst of it all – Rolf’s eyes caught sight of a beautiful girl with one foot on the trunk of a tumbling tree against the bright moon amidst the soaring leaves.




A face with golden eyes shining like the moon, long ears spilling out from jet-black hair darker than the night sky.


Her red mini-dress with a glossy velvet surface was embroidered with black roses and black thorns, and her knee-high boots and the “skin color” of her legs that could be seen through the short, fluttering hem stimulated Rolf’s brain.


She was probably about 15 years old.
Her untamed beauty made her seem like a fairy lured by the light of the moon.


However, the sheer size of the sword on her shoulder, which was as tall as Rolf, made his body tremble unconsciously.


“…Who…are you…”


“I am…”


A clear voice spilled from the girl’s lips, and an icy smile appeared on her pretty face.


“I am…Witch”

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