Bizarre Cooking.


Carol’s creation, an elf-style salad of weeds.


A very wild gem of a dish made with stringy weeds I didn’t know the name of, pulled up by the roots, manually shredded, served with the soil still on them without washing, and topped with aphids to complement what the other two prepared.
Plenty of fiber.


“…ugh, ugh…ugh…”


Julio, staring at the three of us with tears in his eyes, carried the three kinds of objects in his mouth and vomited profusely.
Someone stop him.


Ian, who could have stopped him, also takes a bite of the stew at Alice’s suggestion and collapses white-eyed at the texture and taste of it.


Julio takes a mouthful of Flare’s skewers and, as expected, his soul rejects it and he collapses into a rolled heap.


“…Are you okay?”


I called out to Julio, who rolled to my feet righteously, and for some reason he, who had teary eyes, became ecstatic and muttered quietly in a voice that the others didn’t notice.


“More…more filthy things to defile me with…hmmm.
How disgusting to be touched by dirty commoners and subhumans.”




Oh…I see.
He was a person who [desired to be defiled]?


So that was why he seemed so clean, huh?


Julio was apparently ecstatic at the idea of his [perfect prince] beautiful self being defiled by being touched by a commoner like Alice or a subhuman like me, wasn’t he?


I think he was a kind of masochist in a way, but I have no desire to understand him.


I had abandoned the idea that it was an Otome Game, but if you think about it, the royal family would normally not engage in a proper love affair with a commoner, would they?


“Come on, you can touch me too…”




I had no choice.


As requested, I shoved dirt-covered weeds and a still-moving, shiny black insect into his mouth.


Perverts…are so deep, aren’t they?

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