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Although it was a laboratory, the only things kept in the room were ordinary books and materials for cosmetics for bribes, and the important things were kept in the bag.


After all, a book with words that unlock 8th or 9th-class spells is too dangerous to show to the people in this country.


The book I was reading now was also the book needed to unlock the 10th class spells.


I believe I will use it when confronting this country, but more importantly, I will need it to counter Alice and Flare, who will be protected by higher ranking spirits and the Great Spirit. 


…As expected, I would run away when a Spirit King class would appear.


In the VRMMO, they only appeared in an event movie, but they were not something that one could control.


And the reason why I stayed in the lab was because I might meet Dirk if I wander around.


He… I thought he had been quiet for a while, but last year he suddenly got a teaching license and became a lecturer at the school.
He tried to get involved with me at every opportunity, so it was very troublesome.


As I was sighing as I recalled the incident, my uselessly capable elf ears caught the faintest of noises.


“Maia, I think someone’s here.”


“Yes, I’ll go check it out.”


…If it were Dirk, I would have decided to stay away, but at this time of the day, Dirk would have been in class, so who could it be? 


A few minutes later, I heard Maia’s troubled voice coming from outside the door.


“Oh, no, sir, you can’t come in here without permission…”


“Don’t you commoners disturb me.
I am here on the orders of royalty.”


And then the door slammed open, and a nervous-looking boy with glasses looked around the room and stopped to look at me at the table.


“It’s a dirty room.
Hey, you subhuman.
The Crown Prince would like to see you.
Get ready as soon as you can.”


…Is this the same type as that kind of person again?

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