with a flustered expression, as if she was talking about something obvious.


It was an engagement between two nobles, and it was decided without regard for our intentions, but for some reason, she was blaming me for it.


But still, these days it is very rare.
In third grade or so, it was more the norm for her friends to be standing about 30 meters away, gesturing and trying to stop her.


No matter the circumstances, you guys were too far away.
They were being too thin-skinned.


After five years of attending the academy, there were roughly four kinds of reactions from people regarding me.


The first was people who, like this young lady, sulk about Human Supremacy and make unintelligible accusations for no good reason at all.


The second was people who dislike subhumans but do not actively try to get involved and ignore me as if I were not there.


The third was those who were only interested in the children of merchants or those who studied magic and would treat me normally as a business partner, even if I was a subhuman.


The fourth was people like her friends who, because of my extreme nature, would be frightened or look away when I approached them or give way by sticking to the wall in the hallway.


“Hey you! Are you listening to me? That’s why you subhumans are…!”




Oh, it was still ongoing, huh?


In the upperclassmen, the number of people who wanted to mess with me has decreased because of Flare’s antics, but in the lower classes, there were still many people who didn’t get it.


I think this was due to fewer people getting involved as a result of the bad publicity, as well as the fact that I had calmed down a bit, so more people only knew about me through rumors.


These days, even if a young lady gets involved, at most I break the hooks of her uniform skirt with wind magic and expose her pants completely, so in a way it couldn’t be helped.


When I thought about dealing with her like that, she suddenly said something strange.


“I can’t believe Camille-sama is even staying engaged to a rude subhuman like you! I’ve always admired him, but I bet he’s got dozens of subhuman women surrounding him!”




The atmosphere was tinged with an extremely low temperature, enveloping that young lady, and only her clothes froze and crumbled away into crystal dust.




The completely naked Lady crouches down with her face bright red.

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