The Beloved Child Alice Lannon


Alice Lannon was born the only daughter of a small shopkeeper in a downtown neighborhood on the outskirts of the Royal Capital.


She was a very lovely child with fluffy golden hair and jade green eyes.
She inherited her mother’s beautiful appearance, who was popular as a signboard girl of the store, and was adored by everyone around her from an early age.


Incidentally, her mother’s hair was brown and her father’s hair was dark red, but she did not care because all the male patrons, not to mention her timid father, turned their faces away awkwardly at the mention of it.


“My sweet Alice, would you like to help me in the store?”




Alice started helping out in the store when she was three years old.
However, as a small child with no physical strength, there was no way she could work behind the scenes, so she used her pretty appearance to help out by attracting customers.


Her mother had taught her well, especially how to attract male customers, and the simple-minded Alice gradually fell in love with the business as the male customers paid her whatever she asked them to.


It was when Alice turned four years old that her life took a turn for the worse.


When Alice’s mother suddenly–


[I found True Love.
I wish you all the best from afar.]


――She left a note and disappeared.


By the way, I realized later that what my mother always said [my sweet Alice] was not [my sweet, my Alice] but [my sweet, my, Alice].




The father and daughter stare at the letter left behind in silence.
After his beloved wife left him, the father, who was forced to live alone with his daughter, who looks nothing like him, thought that his daughter was hurt by the loss of her mother and was about to call out to her when Alice said something he did not expect to hear.


“Wow, Mom, you finally found [True Love].
It’s so beautiful!”


“Oh, Alice!”


At that moment, it seemed to her father that his daughter had suddenly turned into something unidentifiable.


“Don’t worry, Father, I’ll make sure we could eat”


“…o, ou”


Those were the same words his wife, his childhood friend, had said to him when he was a child, and he was terrified that his daughter, who had the same look as his wife when she said it to him, would abandon him one day in the same way his wife did.


Alice, however, was thinking of running her own store and living with her father.


She believed she needed money more than anything else, and she became obsessed with making money because she was too innocent for a four-year-old girl.


Her positive, pure, and innocent heart, which did not think things negatively, brought about a certain change in her surroundings.


“Wow, it’s beautiful…it’s like gold coins!”


Before she knew it, Alice was surrounded by colorful, sparkling objects.


Alice had no idea what they were, but she, who loved sparkling things, welcomed them with all her heart, and the sparkling things came to stay with her.


This was most likely due to Alice’s magical power of all attributes, which was uncommon even in this world, and the fact that she thought of everything in her own good way, which was pure and innocent.


“Uncle, welcome.
I left a barrel of butter for you.
One silver coin for you.”


“A barrel? No, I don’t need that much butter…”


“Then you can eat it with these potatoes.
Yes, two sacks of potatoes cost six small silver coins, but they’re almost all sprouted, so I’ll take four small silver coins.”


“Alice-chan, I guess it couldn’t be helped.”


“Yay, I love you, uncle!”


The female customers eventually stopped coming, but as soon as the business became more prosperous than before, a new problem arose.

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