“Eh? Rose?”


“I want bright red roses.”


“Oh, okay.”


I didn’t know how to respond to him, and I didn’t understand what this itchy sensation meant, so I just randomly said I wanted roses.
That was the only time Cam gave me a boyish smile instead of a mature response.


…Somehow …it bothers me.


“…Have you settled down with the nobility lately?”


“Nn? Ah, I guess so.”


I changed the subject without a second thought, and Cam told me a lot of things.


In any case, it appeared that the Prime Minister, whose coffers I had destroyed, was no longer in a position to play tricks because he was too busy cleaning up various things.


For a while, he was so angry that he was actively searching for the culprit, but he couldn’t put out a warrant because the sighting [of a woman riding a dragon] was as credible as a ghost on a ship, even if he could somehow cover up the incident at the plantation.


The damage at sea occurred on a ship that looked like a pirate ship, and a flag with the emblem of the Prime Minister was found in the port with what appeared to be smuggled goods, which made it look like the Prime Minister had been involved in the smuggling of the goods.
Since the flag with the Prime Minister’s insignia was washed ashore with some smuggled goods, it seems that they are working hard to cover it up, and Cam can now spend his spare time as he wanted to.


Well, I was the one who brought it to the port, though.


“The Queen has been a little more docile, too, with the funds flowing from the Prime Minister getting cut off.
More importantly, we are now having problems with the young nobles.”




“Many of the nobles your age, especially the Crown Prince, have strong personalities, and they are causing all sorts of problems.”




I could think of many problems.


“Among them are Miss Flare of the Prata House and Miss Alice, who is not a noble but is enrolled as a [Beloved Child of the Spirits], both of whom have caused various problems and have now become a problem at the castle as well.”




Those two, huh?


“Come to think of it, you and those two were classmates at the academy.
Are you friends with them?”


“No, not really.”


Cam took a step back for a moment as I, who didn’t say much, denied it flat out.


“Well, okay.
But be careful because you might get involved with them at the academy.
I’ve heard a little about them, so I’ll tell you what I can.”




I don’t want to get involved with those two, but I still had to ask about what they were up to.
I have a bad feeling about it, though, so I don’t want to hear about it …would that not be good?

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