Why did the knight, who had only misbehaved with me because I was a subhuman, want me to introduce him to the adult version of Carol?


Maia, who knew about his attitude, gave him a sharp look, and the knight, with his face slightly tense, whispered.


“Well, it’s just that… the way she fights…”


“Yes!!! Be careful of that subhuman woman, she’s very dangerous and dishonorable!”




Suddenly, the door slammed open, and Dirk announced loudly as he went inside, and I – not Maia – let out a cute girly scream.


“Carol! Do you know that subhuman woman? No, no, no! You will become violent if you associate with that woman! His Highness will be bored with you anyway, so why don’t you just be a lady, wear short skirts in my room, and trample me to your heart’s content! Father has retired and there is no one to stop me, so from now on, you can rest assured–“


“[Wind Bomb]”




Dirk took a direct hit and flew to the other side of the open door, where he was retrieved by Dirk’s servants, who were making a lot of noise.


I thought that the Arceides family’s position would weaken, and they would become more mature, but they remained completely unchanged.


Nonetheless, now that the father and mother have retired and I am being cared for by Cam, the servants seem to understand that the power dynamic in the mansion has changed.


But the other party was a pervert, so I can’t let my guard down.
…why did you ask me to step on you?




“Oh, no, I mean…”


The knight, who was looking at the door that had been left open, grumbled in disbelief.


“It’s a personal matter, so if possible, I’d like to ask the person in question…”


“I don’t have much of a subhuman hatred for Witch-san…”


It was becoming tedious by now, and just as I was about to decline, the knight looked up and said sharply.


“I have something I need to convey to Witch-dono.”




I wonder what it was?


Somehow, I was forced to tell him that the Witch would be at the Adventurers’ Guild at night.


I didn’t say this because I wanted him to go home early.


A few days later…


” Witch-dono, it’s been a while.
I’m Gunter.”




After three days of hard work in the dungeon, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to cash in my materials when someone suddenly approached me.


Huh? Do I know him from somewhere?




“Are you well, Witch-dono?”


It was the knight.
I didn’t notice him because he was wearing normal clothes.
Come to think of it, he said he wanted to meet the adult version of me.
I had forgotten about that.
I’d never heard his name before.
But still…


“You’re really dressed like an eccentric.”


“Is that so…”


Adventurers in the countryside look stinky in dirty and tattered second-hand armor, but in the adventurers’ guild in the Royal Capital, almost all of them wear bizarre [Eye Catching] outfits, so in any case, compared to people wearing a clean outfit walking around the city, I would certainly look out of place.


“Actually, I’m here to see Witch-dono…”


“Wait for a bit.”




First, I went to the reception desk to exchange the materials for cash.
I spent about an hour negotiating with the man at the reception desk who had become acquainted with me, and when I returned, Gunter was still standing in the same spot.


He was very calm and quiet.


“Witch-dono, please wait!”




I was about to walk past him when he stopped me.


“I have something I would like to discuss with Witch-dono today.”


“…Carol mentioned it.”


It couldn’t be helped.
It would be a hassle to meet again, so I decided to listen to what he had to say.


Gunter seemed to know a restaurant that was open late at night, so we went there for dinner to hear what he had to say.

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