In the original work, Desian was given the potion to kill off all of his emotions.
The dark wizard Toloji was killed as he tried to run away.

But now…
Desian was not given the potion to kill off his emotions.
His will changed the contents of the original work.
The clock of fate was cracking.


After Desian left, Citrina went back to sitting in the garden.
She thought of the curiosity that had flashed past Desian’s indifferent face.
“What was that, I wonder?”
Either way, the dye was cast and she had no choice but to wait.
Citrina slowly began to read books about spirits.
Ten minutes, thirty minutes, then an hour had passed.
As the evening sun was setting, cold air settled on her arms.
Citrina saw a teary, red-eyed Aaron running up to her.
The boy who usually didn’t leave the building was shaking.
Seeing the tears in his pitch-black eyes, Citrina got up.
“Aaron nim.”
He pointed at his bracelet, which served as his mana’s restraint.
It was the same type of restraint as Desian.
The bracelet was vibrating strangely.
Aaron’s arm trembled.
He extended his arm to Citrina.
“Look at this.”
His cheeks were deathly pale.
“I think my older brother is in danger.”
Citrina stared at Aaron’s bracelet wrapped around his wrist.
She stood up in a hurry.
A bandage fell out of Aaron’s pocket.
It was as if it was to warn of something ominous.
“It’s dangerous..…”
‘Was it the time when Toloji gives Desian the emotion killing drug?’
The villain’s narrative was cruel.
Citrina knew how Toloji tormented Desian, but she didn’t know when he would inject the emotion killing drug into Desian.
So it made sense not to go where Desian was kept.
Agonizing over that, Citrina picked up the bandage.
It was almost an unconscious act.
“My older brother is underground.”
“I know.”
At first, Citrina had not planned to go with him.
Desian told her to wait here.
Citrina also didn’t want to die, so she wanted to wait here.
However, she looked into the Aaron’s innocent eyes.
Citrina had seen eyes like this in her past life
From Spring, the dog she used to care for.
“I’ll go there alone.
But just in case, you should avoid the place and protect yourself.”
Aaron spoke in a trembling voice.
He seemed ready to die.
If Desian’s mana exploded, the whole annex would be in danger.
But Citrina doubted that would happen.
She thought about the Desian she had seen just a few minutes ago.
His image was very human.

‘You need to think rationally, Citrina.’
When she thought about it, if Desian causes a disaster, everybody in the annex will die.
So it would be better to take charge of the circumstances.
“Please lead the way.
I don’t know how to get there.”
“Citrina, it could be dangerous.”
“It will be alright.”
“… if it winds up being dangerous, I’ll protect you.”
Aaron wiped the tears from his eyes and nodded vigorously.
It somehow seemed like a puppy wagging its tail enthusiastically.
“Let’s go.”
The walked slowly down the duke’s corridor.
For the first time, she was making her way towards Desian.

There wasn’t a single servant along the path as they passed through the corridor, down the staircase, and to the underground cell’s entrance.
As they were heading down the seemingly never-ending stairs, they spotted some smoke overhead.
The place where Desian was kept was so gloomy and dark that it brought to mind a prison.
The air was dismal and thick.
In these sorts of conditions, even angels would become devils.
She didn’t like Desian very much, but Duke Pietro made her grit her teeth.
“Shall we go in?”
Citrina and Aaron moved a little closer.
‘What is that?’

The sight before her was more gruesome than she had imagined.
Unlike what she had experienced as a spectator reading the novel, the sight made her nauseous.
Acrid smoke hung in the air of the wrecked room.
‘The head butler and the dark wizard Toloji are probably dead in here, if I remember correctly.’
After the smoke had cleared a bit, she could see Desian standing with his back to the wall.
Citrina was a little relieved to see Desian’s silhouette.
‘Let’s be calm, Citrina, these people were going to die anyway, and they were bad people who were experimenting on Desian.
You just need to change the future a bit.’
She took a deep breath, which boosted her energy.
Luckily, this wasn’t the first time Citrina had seen death.
Citrina walked into the room with a cool face.
Aaron, who had been stumbled with bleary eyes until then, took the lead.
He went inside with watery eyes.
Perhaps he had convinced himself that Desian was dead.
What she believed was the head butler’s body was spilled about the floor in a messy way.
No, it couldn’t be called a corpse anymore.
It just looked like a bundle of rags.
The corpse was odd for how extremely pale it was.
‘The corpse is strange.
Anyway, he was evil, and he is already dead…’
Disgust rose briefly.
She didn’t feel any particular regret because they were all mean people.

It didn’t seem like Desian wanted to dispose of the corpses.
He raised his hand slightly.
Then the smoke cleared away.
Desian looked unphased by the whole mess around him.
Citrina was not surprised to see Desian looking thoughtlessly at the bizarrely bent corpses.
He seemed to have strangely lost his sense of reality.
Citrina blinked instead of feeling nauseous.
Soon, Desian looked up at them.
In this strange situation, Citrina wondered if it was good or bad luck that Desian remembered her name.
“Yes, Desian.”
Citrina replied.
Listening to her voice, Desian briefly recalled what had happened earlier.
As a matter of fact, Citrina and Desian’s emotions about the situation were a little different.
After killing the two, Desian’s thoughts and emotions remained silent.
There was no sense of joy and he didn’t relish the killing.
‘Is this normal?’
He had no other thoughts for the dead.
But what he really cared about was……
He had planned to go to her, but she had come to him first.
He could feel the footsteps of two people.
His senses were acutely aware that their steps were approaching quickly.
‘How will it go?’
He was lost in thought as he looked at the head butler’s body with its broken arm and the wizard’s body who had died after vomiting blood.
‘It’s hideous, but will it surprise you?’
He didn’t want to see the light leave her sparkling eyes.
Somehow feeling nervous, Desian flicked his finger.
The bloodstains on the floor disappeared and the bodies were tidied up slightly.
The sound of footsteps grew louder and louder.
Would Citrina Foluin despise him for killing people?
That’s the way people think, Toloji had said.
But Desian thought for a moment.
He didn’t know how it would feel if Citrina despised him, even though he had a different mindset than other people.
However, he still had no idea what kind of ‘feeling’ he could feel.
Desian blinked slowly.
He couldn’t see her expression well.
“It’s dark.”
As soon as he heard those words, Desian lit a small fire in his hand.
He looked at Aaron first.
Aaron was wiping his tearful face with his sleeve.
There was a lot of redness around his eyes.
Desian was amazed by the amount of tears, which he couldn’t have imagined.
At once, his eyes turned towards Citrina.
“Good day, Citrina.”

He greeted her with two bodies by his feet, which were cleaned up slightly by his standards.
Certainly, it was a good day to see her.
He thought so.
Citrina’s gem-like eyes were looking at him.
“You didn’t hurt your arm, did you?”
Citrina asked.
Desian’s gaze became persistent.
He was looking at Citrina clutching the bandage in her hand.
“My arm is fine.”
“Aaron was really worried.”
“I see.”
It was a conversation Desian never expected to have.
Desian responded briefly to Citrina’s comments.
His apathetic gaze turned briefly to Aaron.
Tears were dipping from Aaron’s eyes..
Aaron was always full of emotions.
A brother who looked just like him, but Desian couldn’t even imitate his rich emotional expressions.
“I was worried too.”
“You were worried.
About me?”
Desian saw her indifferent eyes slowly fill with emotion.
It was slightly closer to compassion or worry than hatred.
Something different from contempt, pity, or indifference.
Was she as emotionless as she had appeared before, or did she have more emotions than he expected?
Desian wanted a little more of these new feelings showing up in Citrina’s eyes.
It was like he had been wandering around unconsciously.
It was as if the world had suddenly become clear for the first time.
Meanwhile, Citrina who was aware of everything that had happened, was agonizing with a mixed heart.
She knew how the boy Desian was supposed to have lost his emotions and had just committed his first murder which would be imprinted on his mind…
Now that she had seen it already, and as long as the events progressed, she couldn’t leave him be.
Luckily, it didn’t seem like Desian wanted to kill her yet.
‘His curiosity has sprouted, so I need to help it grow in the right direction.’
Based on her guess, it would take many more steps for Desian to become the sociopath who casually killed people in .
‘The first thing is to teach him about feelings and morality, right? How should I do that?’
Citrina cautiously opened her mouth.
“Desian nim.”
After calling his name, Citrina reconsidered her initial mindset.
She was the one who changed as a person after all.
Citrina’s dreams were different from the original work.
She didn’t plan to get too deeply involved with Desian.
Let’s be friendly in moderation.
She glanced at Aaron.
Aaron covered his reddened eyes with his hands.
The corpse’s fingers were under crushed under his feet.
“Aaron nim and I will help you.”
As soon as Citrina finished speaking, Aaron and Desian’s eyes met.
“Thanks, Citrina.”
“Don’t cry.
It makes me sad to see such a cute face cry.”
Aaron stuttered, unable to speak, with his head bowed again.
It was like crying.
It was a childish face, which somehow made Citrina feel suffocated.
The more she realized that this world was full of ‘real’ people rather than 2D characters, the more difficult it was to breathe.
“It’s not something to feel thankful for.”
Citrina responded a little coldly.
Aaron looked touched and spoke to her.
“That’s because we’re family, so we don’t need to say thank you, isn’t that right?”
‘…That’s not it.’
There seemed to be a misconception.
Citrina tried to figure out how to explain the misconception.
Aaron opened his eyes wide.
Perhaps because he was shy or had been crying, he searched his pocket with a slightly reddened face.
“Oh, oh, that’s right.
Older brother, Citrina, here is a medicinal herb!”
It was a quick change in subject.
Looking at the blue medicinal herb in his hand, Citrina once again recalled the original work.
After Desian killed the dark wizard and the head butler, there was a scene where Aaron tried to cure his brother with a medicinal herb.
‘Aaron wanted to cure him with the medicinal herb, but was unsuccessful.
Because of the effects of the drug, Desian’s mind was completely closed.’
As she recalled, Toloji was killed but Desian didn’t run wild.
But she didn’t know what happened between them.
Desian could have been in a weak state after killing Toloji.
‘Has Desian changed a little?’
Citrina took the medicinal herb from Aaron.
She gazed into Desian’s jet-black eyes and whispered.
“I’ll put a bandage on it.”
“That’s good.”
Desian was staring into her eyes.
Citrina carefully took his wrist in her hands.
‘I don’t think there’s a sprain.’
Encouraged, Citrina put an herb on the cut on his wrist.
She tore her sleeve to make a bandage and wrapped it around the wound before tying it in place.
Since she was skilled at basic first aid, the wound was bandaged quickly.
Desian was looking at her with strange eyes.
“We can’t stay with the bodies.
Shall we go out now?”
Citrina said as she checked the bandages again.
“Citrina, Brother… let’s go, come on.”
“…Alright, let’s go.”
It seemed that the matter was settled.
Except that Desian’s gaze seemed to hold a little heat.

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