n rebirth. 

The serious impression of Pei Xian was so much fun to tease! Just thinking about how much he could tease……

No!! The brain and mind need to be at work.
Gu Han halts his trail of thoughts.
But his heart was still itchy. Maybe It would be better to get off work early and go home to play with the little quails. Boss Gu stunned the whole company as he shamelessly closed the computer to get off work on time for the first time.  


“Caring for the villain’s IQ system” release task:

  [Task name: Xianxian and host are a goddamn pair! The mission time is thirty minutes; mission requirements: 

The host must find Xianxian within 30 minutes. Everyone encountered the process of finding Xianxian, and the host must tell them about his love for Xianxian.  The content of the narrative must be more than four characters and a minimum of 10 sentences. The narrative must be full of affection, and the content must be positive, moving, unforgettable, and touching. 

Mission Rewards: Rewards would be based on the host’s performance.
Countdown starts at 00:29:45]

I’ll shoot you to hell! Gu Han swept through the task list with one glance.
He glared at ten lines.
He was afraid that he would get cold feet! 

However, the battle-hardened Boss Gu quickly calmed down.
On the 30th floor, there was a special elevator for the president to go down to the basement.
If he rode on that, At most, Gu Han would only encounter three or two people.

With this mindset, Gu Han grabbed his suit jacket from the sofa.
He strode out of the door with a triumphant smile playing on his face.
Unexpectedly, just as he opened the door, he met the financing department director who was standing behind the door with a disheartened face. 


It looks like the Finance department director was standing for a while. 


“Care for the villain’s IQ system” task reminder:

 [The task includes one person, please complete the task requirements as soon as possible, the task countdown: 00:27:33]

“Shit!” Gu Han wished he could throw the chubby financing director as a bowling ball. Gu Han looked left and right at the president’s office on the 30th floor.
Finding no one other than the chubby guy in front of him.

“President Lin!” Gu Han gritted his teeth while putting his hands on the chubby guy’s shoulders.
Gu Han tried to make his confession as honest and earnest as he could, “I want to tell you something, I hope you will forget it when you leave, okay?” 

A sweaty financial guy felt cold sweat behind his back.
At this moment he felt like he had accidentally stepped on the dynamite and it was more like he had dug his own grave.
“Old Lao Lao… Boss Gu..
is there something I haven’t done well enough? You can say it.”

Gu Han sighed in the sky, preparing an embarrassing speech of his life: “I, Gu Han, decided to treat and love Pei Xian until the end of my life! My heartbeat tells me that I love Pei Xian without hesitation every second, only he can make me Crazy for love!”

Financing director: “???”

Gu Han grabbed the Financing director’s shoulder tightly with a grim expression, “President Lin, you didn’t hear anything, did you?” 

 “No, I did not.
I swear I don’t know! I don’t know anything!” The director of financing was scared stiff.

Gu Han contentedly threw the chubby guy away, he walked hastily down the empty corridor.
Gu Han practically ran to the elevator hall, anxiously looking left and right to quickly flash into the CEO’s special elevator.

Boss Gu pressed his fingers down the floor, and his hands trembled nervously with a long sigh.
He had never done such a shameful thing throughout his childhood! He thought he would need to have psychological advice if he had to do this confession more, but fortunately, in the lift, he was just alone.

The elevator descended rapidly and suddenly stopped on the second floor.
The elevator door opened slowly.
Before Gu Han could react, he saw that the elevator on the opposite side also stopped.
The elevator door also opened slowly.
The invincible, handsome and dashing boss Gu was incarnated by wisdom and courage in the elevator! 

“Ding ding ding ding ding…”

“Caring for the villain’s IQ system” task reminder:

[The task includes 21 people, please complete the task requirements as soon as possible, the task countdown: 00:23:09]

The breath of death enveloped the boss Gu.
He lowered his head faintly and saw that the one he had just pressed in the panic was not the first floor, but the second floor! Tears of regret and unwillingness suddenly flowed back into a river! 

The poor employee stared at the usually easy-going boss, his face ashen as he walked in the steps of disrespecting the six colleagues behind. 

Gu Han felt like killing someone but he controlled himself and walked into the employee elevator silently and pressed the close button.


The narrow space forced him to squeeze out a bright place, and the employees were at a loss as they leaned against each other like a pinched sea.

Gu Han rested on the elevator wall with one hand, brushed his hair with the other hand, and said very forcefully: “To be honest, I suddenly feel that I have a special relationship with you all today.
As long as you can forget what happened in a while, everything will be ok.
Tomorrow you all can go to the finance department to receive this year’s special contribution award.” 

The bewildered employees panicked and all they could do was nod their heads.

Gu Han went out and loosened his tie and opened his neckline, sinking into his pelvis, “In this life, Gu Han will always love and protect Pei Xian! Xian is someone whom I hold very dearly and love very much in this life.
With Pei Xian, I will usher in the best years!”

There was an uproar in the elevator, and the female employees blushed and whispered with their heads down.

The boss was obsessed with pursuing Xiao Yuhang, and everyone in the company knows that Pei Xian fell out of thin air.
But now after hearing the confession which was sort of aggressive.
They started to doubt whether Boss Gu was in the right state of mind or not.  

Gu Han, who lost his face, pressed the elevator door with his last stiff smile, “Get out!” 

The employees quickly filed out, and the daring one looked back at the boss who didn’t know what was wrong.
Yet they were dying for gossip!

The world finally quieted down, Gu Han covered his face and pressed the button for down.
Gu Han slowly raised his head to face the camera, his face was full of vicissitudes of life, life was not easy, and He misses his mother…

The risk factor of encountering anyone was reduced, Gu Han who was covered in a cold sweat.
Felt like Iraq fighting a guerrilla attack, like a snake slither moved toward his car. 

Just as he was about to enter carefully.
Closing his terrifying journey close to his car, a familiar female voice suddenly broke into his eardrums.

“Hanhan’s car is still there, he should be working overtime upstairs, I’ll go straight up and you’ll wait here for a while.” The wealthy old lady with an outstanding demeanour just got out of the car and explained to the assistant.

“Holy Shit!!” Boss Gu turned around and it was too late, his mother had already spotted him. 

“Hanhan!” Mrs.
Gu stopped her son. 


 “Care for the villain’s IQ system” task reminder:

 [The task includes one more person, please complete the task requirements as soon as possible, the task countdown: 00:20:14]

Sometimes life is too tough, and it takes courage to survive.  


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