Ch5 – Can i have a discount!?

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Gu Han was sure that with his skill of buying things he would be able to complete the task easily.
Especially when he has a lot of money to spend.
But Gu Han forgot about one thing: today was the weekend.
And the whole city was flooded with traffic jams.




Boss Gu looked at his watch irritably, and suddenly a message rang on his mobile phone.
It was from his bank.  

He picked up his phone excitedly to take a look. 


Ho! What little bits and pieces did the little quail buy? Just spending 50,000, 100,000.
It was like squeezing toothpaste. Also, what’s wrong with sending WeChat pictures for everything Pei Xian buys? Why doesn’t he just start doing live streaming?

In the pile of colorful pictures, the sharp-eyed Gu Han finally found a very brief message from the little quail:

[Charging baby: Brought this book! Mr.
Gu, I will study hard!]


Gu Han’s mood was inexplicable, he zoomed in to take a closer look at the picture.
To his surprise, it was an Indian erotic yoga double practice collection!

Boss Gu, who was caught off guard, has a mouthful of old blood stuck in his throat.
At this movement, Gu Han felt that he would probably not be killed by that mad dog Zhou Kai in this life but most likely be killed by Pei Xian!




By the time Gu Han arrived at Sea view, he didn’t have much time to complete the task.
Before Gu Han left his office he had asked Pei Xian to wait in the Ferrari Hall on the first floor. 

Gu Han has made up his mind.
He must spend a lot of money before the task time ends, otherwise, the dog-licking system would fuck him up.
And not to forget sex would lead to a negative score! 


Just thinking about this Gu Han felt terror.
He can’t let this terrible thing happen.   



Gu Han half-carried Pei Xian to the flaming hot red Ferrari 488, 

“That’s it, buy it!” 

The car has a low front and long and narrow headlights, priced at 3.18 million.
This car gives off an aura of richness.
Like a big shark jumping on the shore, being flamboyant and vibrant.
Around this time in Gu Han’s last life, he also gave one to Xiao Yuhang.



Xiao Yuhang, whose habit was only to daydream about a lot of things but not work for it.
This car happens to be one of the things.  

Gu Han believes that the little quail was less ambitious than Xiao Yuhang, what a holy angel?! But no one can resist the holy power of wealth.  

What Gu Han didn’t expect was that he would be slapped in the face too fast.
And today he has met with the new face of pretending to be a humble king – Pei Xian!

Pei Xian grasped the black gold card that Gu Han was about to swipe.
He looked at Gu Han with unyielding eyes. 

A ruined car with a strange appearance cost more than 3 million yuan.
If he analysis it would cost one-tenth of his total salary! This thing was so ugly that it won’t even be seized away when left alone, so what was the use of it for buying? Especially when it looks like it would break down after a mile. 

Gu, I don’t know how to drive.
If you don’t mind, can we just not buy it?” Pei Xian said seriously with his back to the ugly car. 


When Gu Han heard the explanation, at that moment he finally understood the pain of a flower pot falling from the sky on one’s head.
All of Gu Han’s plans shattered with a “slap”, and at the same time, the countdown to the end of the system task sounded.

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“Jjglcu obg atf nliijlc’r PH rsrafw” ajrx gfwlcvfg: 

 [The system task is closed for settlement, this task gets one unit of energy, and the current system energy is 0, please make persistent efforts.
It is everyone’s responsibility to love and protect Xian Xian! ]


Xe Ljc ibbxfv ja atf fcfgus ujeuf bo ja ifjra 100 eclar, jcv atf fcfgus olii kjr ralii ja 0.
Lf revvfcis ofii lcab vfrqjlg, jcv klat vfafgwlcjalbc, tf revvfcis vlv j “mjg xjyfvbc”


Xe Ljc agjqqfv Ufl Wljc olgwis lc tlr jgwr.
Rba ifaalcu Ufl Wljc wbnf jc lcmt. 

Pei Xian, who had the words “poor and forced” written on his face, was at a loss, and without any other option, he raised his face and let Gu Han do whatever he wanted. 


Pei Xian even added, “Mr.
Gu, what do you think of the 20% discount rate?? Well, or maybe 30% off?” 


Gu Han smiled sinisterly, slowly he lowered his head to touch the tip of Pei Xian’s sensitive ear, and said softly and hoarsely: “Baby, stop dreaming!”



Then Gu Han hooked Pei Xian’s small waist, and pulled him into his arms, “let’s go home! It’s not bad that you don’t have your salary deducted after the stunt you pulled! Yet still, you are asking for a discount?” 


Pei Xian’s only fault was that he didn’t buy a car and could not even manage to earn extra money.
He was ruthlessly dragged by Gu Han.


During this whole process, Pei Xian somehow managed to take out his mobile phone, he changed Gu Han’s contact name from “the world’s most kind heart person” to “the world’s first thick skin headed person”.  Pei Xian did this with no expression on his face! 


On the way home, Gu Han wondered why Pei Xian agreed to be with him for 30 million on the spot.
Not even giving a damn about that cheap Zhou Kai.
Yet when he gave Pei Xian an unlimited black gold card, all Pei Xian had done with this golden card was swipe all the worthless things.
And when he wanted to buy Pei Xian a luxury supercar, he wanted a discount.


For the first time in his life, Gu Han felt clueless.
He didn’t understand how Pei Xian’s mind worked.
It was confusing.  Has the little quail left your brain to sleep? How can he be so foolish? Does the little guy not know what was good for him?  


The car was on the way back to the villa, and Pei Xian was unwilling to watch the three million fly away.
So he took out the newly bought 100,000-dollar gold pen, and the 30,000-dollar gem version of the mysterious yoga textbook and prepared to hone his “business” skills. 


Since the face can’t catch the boss’s heart, at least the technical skills can seize the boss’s body.
Pei Xian will work hard to increase the discount rate, and save enough money to run away from the capital before Xiao Yuhang returns! 

Every single penny counts!!!!!

There was a lot of space in the car at first.
Gu Han didn’t understand what Pei Xian was doing by opening stuff and scribbling.
But when he took a closer look he was shocked to death!


Who the hell has ever seen a strange species doing pappa? And especially when Pei Xian was writing those things in his strange yellow comic book spread around his legs, and his expression did not change at all?! 


Looking at this scene, Gu Han’s heart stopped beating for a moment! Although he has a good reputation as a playboy, he has lived a regular life since he was a child.
If he dared to play like this at the age of nineteen, the old man of the Gu family would have beaten him back to his mother’s belly.



Boss Gu, whose innocent mind was overwhelmed, snatched the yellow yoga book away from Pei Xian and threw it under his seat.
Gu Han looked at Pei Xian as if he had an affair outside and was caught red-handed “Don’t use these vulgar things in the future!” 


Pei Xian slowly closed the book and the golden pen, “Mr.
Gu, I know that my business ability is not good, please don’t worry, I will improve quickly.”


“No! Baby, you don’t need this kind of business ability!” Gu Han looked at Pei Xian’s innocent face.  


Just stay as an honest and innocent battery for me!!!!

Pei Xian was annoyed by it and said in a low voice, “Mr.
Gu, you said that I don’t look like Mr.
Xiao and have no business ability, so will I be fired?”

Gu Han gritted his teeth and followed Pei Xian’s strange thinking: “Xiao Yuhang is like an immortal man who doesn’t do this kind of stuff.
And you are a monster running around everywhere! What a joke! Do you now have the guts to compare yourself with Xiao Yuhang? Hey If you continue like this, you will lose your job.
Especially when the global financial crisis is happening it will be hard for you to find a job with thousands of dollars.” 


Gu, tell me more about Mr.
Xiao, I can learn from it.” Pei Xian lowered his head and tugged Gu Han’s sleeve.
Secretly he was rolling his eyes inwardly, hehe you deserve to go bankrupt.
A beggar cannot tell the difference between gold and diamond. 


Gu Han slapped Pei Xian’s dirty paws away and continued to say against his will: “Xiao Yuhang is a reserved, restrained, and self-esteem person, first of all, you have to put down your vulgar tastes.
Huang Shu, Huang Tu, and the third-grade film ‘The Law of Mistresses’.
From today onwards, you are not allowed to watch all of these!” 


Pei Xian looked up at the roof of the car.
He didn’t understand why Gu Han was being abnormal, he couldn’t kiss, couldn’t touch, couldn’t hug, and he couldn’t be happy! All he can do is spend money.
What does Gu Han want him to do? Marry him and make him a housewife, kneel in front of Gu Han and burn incense in front of Gu Han’s picture?


 “Xiao Yuhang is talented and capable…and has a lot of skills.” Gu Han continued to educate Pei Xian and silently added in his heart, “It’s a pity that Xiao Yuhang only loves money and himself.” 


Annoying thoughts flashed whenever he thought of Xiao Yuhang, as long as he saw the dead fish-eyed Pei Xian, he felt very relaxed, “You are also capable.
Even pigs can’t sleep for fourteen hours but you can! In the future you must get up on time, you are not allowed to sleep around.
Go out for a walk if you are bored.
Go do some shopping, or I will ask the secretary of the company to accompany you to participate in some activities that are beneficial to your body and mind.”    



Pei Xian was expressionless and at a loss.
He didn’t seem to be a substitute lover but a son.  


Forget it, for the sake of 30 million and a better lifestyle he can even accept the boss becoming his father.

When they arrived home.
The cook had already prepared the meal. 

Pei Xian had gone shopping.
He had eaten and drank a bit.
On the other hand, Gu Han was stuck in traffic for two hours and had gone without taking a sip of water.      


Gu Han took off his blazer and loosened his tie.
When he turned around to see Pei Xian who was yawning softly on the sofa. 

Gu Han looked at the drowsy figure and started to count.  “One, two, three…” Sure enough, after he counted three numbers silently, Pei Xian closed his eyes, leaned his chin against the armrest of the sofa, and happily commenced his journey to dreamland.    


Although Pei Xian has fully integrated into this world, his soul seems to have not been freed from the hard work and fatigue of his previous life.
It was unforgettable fatigue that penetrated through the skin into the flesh and further into the bone marrow.


Uncle Lin came over with a thin blanket, “Has Master Pei had dinner?”     

“He did.” Gu Han observed Pei Xian and replied absent-mindedly. 

 “Let him sleep after dinner.” The old housekeeper gently covered Pei Xian with a blanket. 

“Master Pei only slept for ten hours today.
To make more progress with his health you have to take it slowly.
Quitting smoking, drinking, and detoxing is a process.”

Gu Han sighed, and he wondered if it was because he was going too fast and the little quail was weak as it is, so he had to sleep to replenish it.
So what are those stupid doctors doing? They have done a lot of physical examinations and blood draws, and in the end, they can’t find out a single fucking problem! All of them are good for nothing!


“Ding” a special ringing sound suddenly came from his mobile phone.

Gu Han picked it up and saw that it was Xiao Yuhang.
Ever since he brought Pei Xian his life has been extraordinarily fast-paced and he hasn’t spared any time for this cheap person.


In his last life, he chased Xiao Yuhang very obediently.
He even set special ringtones for his messages to obey white moonlight orders as soon as possible.
And the number of times Xiao Yuhang took the initiative to contact Gu Han was less than a handful. 

Gu Han doesn’t remember that Xiao Yuhang had approached him at this time. 

The message was only a short line:

 [Brother Han, without you on my birthday I feel a little lonely.

Gu Han was speechless, and then he remembered that at this time in his previous life he chartered a plane to take Xiao Yuhang’s relatives and friends to Las Vegas, and held a birthday party for him on the top floor of the world-famous luxury hotel “Palm Island”.
He even got the black Ferrari 488 for that characterless person.


The unforgettable moment of happiness in Gu Han’s previous life seemed like a lifetime away, and it was unreal like a cloud.
No wonder he felt familiar when he sent the little quail car at night.

Gu Han had spent a lot of money on Xiao Yuhang and tried his best to send him to the throne of the best actor, and then what? When he went bankrupt, Xiao Yuhang became a passerby.
Without even looking back, he announced his engagement with the famous director in a blink of an eye.


 Xiao Yuhang always looked down on people when they hit their low.
All he admired and loved about Gu Han was his wealth.
All along he was scheming more than anyone else.  First, he would indirectly ask Gu Han for money and reputation.
But in the end, after achieving his goal, he wouldn’t even look back.  


“Heh…” Gu Han laughed at himself and his mood was no longer disturbed.
A person couldn’t be cheap twice in the same place.

[Happy Birthday.
Smile jpg]


In Las Vegas, more than 10,000 kilometers away, the lights flickered outside the window in the early morning.
Xiao Yuhang just returned to the hotel room from the all-night birthday party.

This birthday party was far from what he imagined: top hotels, celebrity guests, luxury parties, famous cars, watches, and golden champagne towers… Without Gu Han, everything was far away from reality.

Seeing the reply, Xiao Yuhang’s hand shook the ice in the wine glass out.
He didn’t understand why Gu Han had suddenly been out of contact, the big fish seemed to be slowly getting out of his grasp.


Gu Han, who has been following him for several years suddenly stopped looking out for him for no reason. 

Xiao Yuhang was a little restless, he picked up the phone, “Xiaoqin, book me a ticket for the day after tomorrow, I want to go back to China.”



Xiao, the film festival is not over yet, can we not leave early? We don’t need to follow….” 

“Do what I am telling you.
Book the ticket now!” Xiao Yuhang hung up the phone irritably. 

He was the youngest actor to break into Hollywood from China.
But in the past five years, Xiao Yuhang was not able to accomplish anything remarkable.
The praise and acclaim of the past have long since gone.
And now his biggest fish seems to be slipping down from his grasp at such a critical time! He needs to handle the situation before it’s too late.

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