e one of the audience didn’t have any expectations towards Ji Zeyu at all.
Anyways, his self-deprecating attitude was not so bad today so the black fans were planning to be merciful towards him.
They wouldn’t be too harsh to him as long as he won’t play dirty.


However, then seconds later, every person in the room showed an incredulous and disbelieved expression on their faces.


Ji Zeyu completely broke out of his usual stiffy and rigid dancing style that he had in the past.
Every dance moves that he did was done with just the right amount of power and flexibility.
The British-styled uniform that he wore along with the bright smile on his face completely took everyone’s attention.
He looked like the dazzling sunshine in the beautiful spring.


In the climax of the theme song, Ji Zeyu’s performance was particularly well done.
His smooth body lines and movements were precisely on beat, he was not losing out to Wei Yichen who performed perfectly just a few moments ago.


After the dance performance was over, the audience was in a deep silence for at least three seconds before a loud applause and massive cheers broke out from every single one individual sitting on the audience’s seats.


“Darn it, is this really the Ji Zeyu that I know!?”


“Xiao Yu has improved so much, oh my goodness…”

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“It turns out that if a handsome man dances seriously then they would become even more handsome, ah… I’m dead!!!”


Lu Nanyun blankly stared at the young man standing at the center of the stage with a hint of surprise in his eyes.


During this time, Wan Taki leaned into Lu Nanyun’s ear and whispered quietly: “Brother Nan, I think I saw Ji Zeyu making a few mistakes on the dance moves just now, did I see it incorrectly?”


He was actually correct in his guess.
Ji Zeyu had indeed made several mistakes in his dance moves.


It is impossible for a normal person to learn an entire dance after only watching it for one time, Ji Zeyu is not an exception to that rule.
Because of that, he focused on the more recognizable dance moves as well as the dance moves during the high/climax part of the theme song so that he can reduce the difficulty of memorizing the dance moves.


In addition to these movements, he was someone who already had more than ten years of experience in dancing.
He had performed the dance based on his experience and to the parts that he couldn’t remember completely, he just replaced them with other dance moves.


After he struggled for eight years on this kinds of talent shows, Ji Zeyu understood one simple thing very well.


You can make an error during your performance but they must not affect the integrity of your whole performance.


Fortunately, the audience was not familiar with the choreography of the theme song and their attention was also attracted by Ji Zeyu’s handsome appearance so they didn’t find anything wrong to his dance moves.


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Lu Nanyun also realized this fact.
At first he had thought that Ji Zeyu was improving rapidly but then, his few mistakes made him think that it was just a mere illusion, How could a loser like him even work hard?


Wei Yichen looked at Ji Zeyu with a deep gaze in his eyes.
Apparently, his thoughts were the same as Lu Nanyun’s.


“Wow, both contestants did a wonderful job!” The host looked at Ji Zeyu with a surprised expression: “Xiao Yu, I heard someone from the audience just a few moments ago say that you’ve improved quite a lot.”


“Thank you for your compliments, everyone.”


Ji Zeyu politely bowed to the audience before he left the stage and returned to his seat.


For the rest of the livestream broadcast, no one else had asked him to perform his skills once again.
Wei Yichen sat beside him and although he had a small smile on his face, the thoughtful look on his eyes says otherwise.


After the Marketing Summit finally ended, Ji Zeyu hurriedly ran away from Wei Yichen.
His pair of irises locked onto Qi Aodong who was within the crowd and quickly walked towards his direction, telling him: “Let’s go back together.”


When Qi Aodong laid his eyes on Ji Zeyu again, he had a strange feeling in his heart.
He had always felt that the person in front of him was quite odd and weird.
The Ji Zeyu in his memories was arrogant and cocky, he did not even bother to talk to Qi Aodong.
He was also not as strong as a dancer as he was just a while ago.


In Qi Aodong’s personal opinion, the few mistakes that he did during his performance were not even worth mentioning if you compare it to Ji Zeyu’s dancing during the theme song round.



Could it be that Ji Zeyu had finally become motivated and eager to improve?

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