The Vicious Supporting Role Only Wants To Debut As Center Chapter 002.2

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At the moment, Ji Zeyu knows exactly what he wanted to do next – he wants to prove himself in the talent show and get rid of all the black materials on the internet as soon as possible.


For others, this may not be an easy task or a simple matter to do.
But Ji Zeyu is a professional when it comes to talent shows and he has full confidence on himself and his capabilities.


In the early hours of the morning, Sister Yun who was Ji Zeyu’s agent came to the hotel site, she felt especially worried for Ji Zeyu.
However to her surprise, Ji Zeyu was actually in an exceptionally good shape and did not look like he was affected by the public’s opinion about him at all.


Ji Zeyu had put on a British-styled uniform of ‘Shining Stars’.
The uniform’s color is light blue with low saturation and a pure white shirt on the inside which made his complexion look fairer and brighter.
All in all, this color coordination gave him a sense of nobility and youthfulness perfectly.


If you only look at the teenager’s face, placing within the top three on the popularity ranking is no problem at all/


Sister Yun took Ji Zeyu with her and led him into a nanny car.
Inside the car was another handsome chestnut-haired teenager with fair skin, delicate features and beautiful single eyelids that gave the teenager a touch of coldness to his appearance.


When the chestnut-haired teenager saw Ji Zeyu get into the car, he greeted him politely.


Ji Zeyu quickly scanned through his brain and guessed that this person’s name should be Qi Aodong, the most talented among the five people that was sent by Xingyu Entertainment.
If it wasn’t for Ji Zeyu dragging him down, this person would have been part of Class A right now.


In the original novel, Qi Aodong was quite unhappy and dissatisfied with Ji Zeyu but because of the agency’s pressure, he had to bow and submit to him.
Later on the story, he chose to stand on the side of justice and helped expose all of Ji Zeyu’s evil deeds.


Ji Zeyu greeted him somewhat sheepishly hiding the guilty conscience that he was feeling in his heart: “Good morning, Aodong.”


Qi Aodong was slightly stunned by Ji Zeyu’s unusual behavior.
Sister Yun who was sitting on the passenger seat couldn’t help but look at Ji Zeyu through the rearview mirror, bewildered by his abnormal actions as well.


She had long known that Ji Zeyu had never looked at Qi Aodong with a serious and proper expression before, so why did he suddenly become so nice today?


“Zeyu, seems like you are in a good mood today?” Sister Yun said in a gentle and tender tone, “Keep it up, and make sure to smile more at the press conference.”

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Expression management had always been the most basic skill that an idol should do but his agent actually had to even coax him to do it.
As he thought about this, Ji Zeyu felt a strong sense of ridicule.


“Yes, I know Sister Yun.” Ji Zeyu nodded obediently.


A trace of surprise flashed under Sister Yun’s eyes – what had stimulated this child to be so well behaved today?


There were numerous fans who tried to suppress their excitements as they waited for their idol arriving outside the programs’ marketing Summit Hall for ‘Shining Star’.


When Ji Zeyu arrived on the filming site, various screams began to rang out from his fansite admins and supporters.


Although Ji Zeyu has a bad reputation on the internet, his appearance is so good that he managed to get 20,000 retweets with just one single photo of his.
Before the show even started, the program had already began to attract a large number of face fans – fans that support a celebrity or personality due to their beautiful appearance.


It doesn’t matter if your skills are subpar, as long as you look good, you don’t have to worry about not gaining any fans.


“Xiao Yu is so handsome!”


“Xiao Yu, look over here!”


Ji Zeyu has long developed a strong ability to manage his expressions so he maintained a gentle smile on his face under the strong camera flashes, walking into the filming venue in a calm and steady manner.
In contrast, the number of Qi Aodong’s fans within the filming site were pitifully very few.


“Tsk, Ji Zeyu’s skills are so bad, and yet he’s still in Class B.”  One of Wei Yichen’s fan within the crowd whispered.


The protagonist of this book is a character named Wei Yichen.
In the original story, Wei Yichen and Lu Nanyun are classmates.
Although they did not come from the same agency, they had interacted quite a few times on Weibo so a small number of people had turned into CP fans.

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Because of this, Wei Yichen became a thorn in Ji Zeyu’s eye and from that point on, he was targeted by Ji Zeyu at every turn.
There were some hints of his bullying shown in the show and some staff members even personally revealed that the two contestants did not get along at all.


Wei Yichen is now currently ranked first on the show and was also the first center for the theme song round.
He also had way more fans than Ji Zeyu and his supporters had unanimously believed that Ji Zeyu bullied their idol and from then on, the two fandoms have become incompatible with each other.


It was fortunate that her words were not heard by Ji Zeyu’s fans, or else, they would have gotten into a war of words.


When Ji Zeyu finished his makeup in the backstage, he walked into the venue and saw that the stage was arranged with ladder-like stools.


Qi Aodong had already found himself a seat in the corner and seemingly didn’t want to cross his paths with Ji Zeyu anymore.


Ji Zeyu looked around the vicinity and saw two vacant seats.


One of the empty seats was located next to Lu Nanyun so without hesitation, Ji Zeyu went into the other empty seat and sat down there instead.


Lu Nanyun didn’t show any expression on his face but there was a strange emotion that flashed through his eyes.


After Ji Zeyu sat down on his chosen seat, the whole room suddenly quieted down and all eyes in the entire place seemed to look at their direction.


Qi Aodong stared at his back silently.


Wan Taki who was in the same agency as Lu Nanyun, quietly whispered to Lu Nanyun: “Has Ji Zeyu taken the wrong medicine today?”


Ji Zeyu didn’t notice anything at first.
But after he sat down, he suddenly realized that the teenager beside him looked quite familiar.
He was actually the one who had bumped into him last night in the corridor.


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“What a coincidence.” Ji Zeyu greeted him: “We meet again.”


The young man glanced at him, the tear mole on the corner of his eyes looked particularly are dazzling as his thin lips parted slightly, his voice was particularly calm as he replied back: “Hmm.
What a coincidence indeed.”


Ji Zeyu can feel that the people around him were all keeping a distance from him, and their eyes seemed to contain some kind of fearful yet scornful emotion.
Only this teenager who sat beside him was different.  This person should be the very first friend that he had made after he came to this world.


“Everyone can’t wait anymore, right?” The host walked onto the stage and began to warm up: “Please wait a moment, our live channel already started the live stream…”


“Wow, it’s actually a live broadcast.” Ji Zeyu poked the teenager next to him with his elbow and said: “Then we have to perform well.”


The young man pursed his lips and gently nodded his head after a few seconds.


After the start of the Marketing Summit, the host introduced the show’s sponsors enthusiastically and praised the high ratings of ‘Shining Star’ as well.
The presenter also complimented the Class A and B contestants that were present in the venue.


 “Well then, let’s start the talent show and showcase the talents of our contestants.” The host said while looking over to the contestants sitting on their seats: “Let’s have the contestant who is currently ranked one in the popularity ranking – Wei Yichen!”


The entire audience erupted into a warm applause and Wei Yichen’s fans began to scream like wildly for their idol.


Ji Zeyu also applauded but he suddenly remembered at this moment that this name seems to belong to the main character who was bullied particularly badly by Ji Zeyu in the early stage of the book and had saved up a stomach full of anger enduring everything that the original owner had done against him.


He was planning to see who Wei Yichen was, he wanted to see what he looks like so that he can, no he must stay away from him in the future to avoid trouble.


However, in the next few seconds, the teenager sitting beside Ji Zeyu stood up and bowed towards the audience with a smile on his face before slowly walking to the stage where the host was standing on.


Ji Zeyu’s searching expression instantly turned into a petrified expression.

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“Yichen, do you have any talent to show?” The host asked the teenager.


Wei Yichen took the microphone from the presenter and gently said: “As the opening, let me show you guys the dance of the theme song.”


“Just dancing to the theme songs?” The emcee raised an eyebrow: “Wouldn’t that be too simple and easy?”


“Then… I’ll ask another person to dance with me, how about it?” Wei Yichen suggested with a smile, the tear mole at the corner of his eyes looked even more handsome and charming as time passed by.


“Ok then.” The host nodded in satisfaction before saying: “I guess that you will choose Lu Nanyun, after all, you two are old classmates ah.”


In the original book, Wei Yichen did choose Lu Nanyun and the two of them danced to the theme song on the stage together, making the original Ji Zeyu very jealous.


“You guess wrong.” Wei Yichen hooked his lips up and looked at the contestants, as though he was searching for someone: “The person that I want to dance with is…”


And his searching eyes stopped and finally rested on a certain someone.


“Ji Zeyu.”


Ji Zeyu who had just been petrified felt like he had been struck open by lightning.


The dance of the theme song? He didn’t even have the chance to hear the theme song at all since he crossed over to this world, he had fast forwarded though the episode yesterday when he was watching the show.


He didn’t know how to sing the song nor does he know the choreography of the dance! What is he going to do now!?


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