The Vicious Supporting Role Only Wants To Debut As Center Chapter 002.1

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After Ji Zeyu turned around and walked out of Lu Nanyun’s bedroom, the pitiful as well as weak appearance that he had been showing on his face finally changed, and the corner of his lips couldn’t stop rising up as well.


Lu Nanyun shouted furiously behind him: “Who the hell wants to be friends with you? You better keep your distance from me forever!”


The bedroom door was finally shut and Lu Nanyun can’t help but pace back and forth in the room angrily.


Although he was in Class A and Ji Zeyu was in Class B, they did not live in the same dormitory.
However, Ji Zeyu would always find every opportunity to approach him.
Whether it was intentional or not, he had taken advantage of Lu Nanyun verbally and physically.


And just a few moments ago, Ji Zeyu acted as though he was the one who was very aggrieved.
No wonder Lu Nanyun was so angry that he just exploded.


After he managed to calm down, Lu Nanyun suddenly felt that something was wrong.


Lu Nanyun had heard other people say more than once that the Ji Family doted on their youngest son uncontrollably.
They always do things according to his temperament and does not interfere with any of his choices.
So how could his mother suddenly send him such messages?


Did Ji Zeyu discover the hidden camera?


Lu Nanyun glanced at the camera hidden at the head of the bed.
The location he placed the camera on was quite discreet so it was unlikely to be discovered by anyone other than him.


He quickly took out the camera from its hiding place and checked out its recorded content, watching the filmed scenes carefully.


In the evening, when they had checked into the hotel, Ji Zeyu suddenly sent a message to Lu Nanyun through WeChat.
He said through his chat that the shower in his room was broken so he wanted to come over and shower on his room instead.
After Lu Nanyun agreed to his request, he hid the camera on the head of his bed.


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It can be seen in the video that Ji Zeyu excitedly and shyly took off his shirt as well as trousers, trying to show off his figure to him before slowly walking into the direction of the bathroom.


However, half an hour later, the Ji Zeyu that had come out of the bathroom seemed to have completely changed.
Lu Nanyun can’t read the emotions in his eyes and every move that he made confused the hell out of him.


The most important thing was that the words ‘as long as you spend one night with me, I’ll guarantee that you will have the C Position’ that Ji Zeyu had said to him were not recorded because they had been too far away from the camera.


Lu Nanyun watched that video clip several times.
From the recording, he can see Ji Zeyu’s lips curling up slightly as he spoke, and his eyes quickly flashing with a sly expression of his face.


It looked like he had indeed discovered the hidden camera.


In the future, it will be much more difficult for him to catch Ji Zeyu off guard.


Lu Nanyun’s expression gradually turned grave and solemn.


Nevertheless, Lu Nanyun personally believed that what happened today was merely an exception.
Ji Zeyu will definitely do such things again in the future, and he will make sure to get gather evidence next time.


In the meantime, after Ji Zeyu had left Lu Nanyun’s room, he received another batch of messages on his mobile phone.
The messages were from his parents, as well as his aunts and uncles.
The contents of all of their messages were basically saying the same thing as his siblings did, they comforted him and told him to not care about the comments on the internet.


Ji Zeyu held his mobile phone in his hand as he walked with his head down, muttering to himself: “Just how badly was he being blackened, it’s only the first episode so it’s probably not that bad…”


Ji Zeyu didn’t notice a tall figure walking towards him and accidently bumped into the other person, their shoulders collided with each other and the mobile phone in his hand almost fell from his grasp.

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He, who has been in the entertainment industry for even to eight years had always paid attention to the social etiquette and quickly apologized to the other party: “I’m sorry… I didn’t hurt you, did I?”


Ji Zeyu raised his head up and his eyes saw a face that did not lose out to Lu Nanyun’s handsome visage.
The person before him had pure black eyes with a faint tear mole at the corner of his eyes, giving Ji Zeyu a sense of alienation while he looked at those pair of irises.


When the other person heard Ji Zeyu’s apology, he had visibly frozen up for a few seconds and the aloof expression on his face turned into quizzical one.


From the expression of the other person, Ji Zeyu came a conclusion that the other party probably knew the original owner.


Ji Zeyu doesn’t know what the characters in the original novel looked like and so he was unable to recall the other’s party’s name for a while, so in the end, he eventually gave up and ended up scratching his head before saying: “What a coincidence, I actually run into you here.”


“Hmmm.” The young man answered indifferently.
His eyes looked beyond Ji Zeyu’s form and glanced over to Lu Nanyun’s bedroom door before taking his gaze back with his eyes now containing a strange emotion as he looked straight into Ji Zeyu, saying: “It’s quite a coincidence indeed.”


“I still have something else to do so… I’ll get going first.”


Ji Zeyu did his best to conceal and hide the embarrassment that he was feeling deep inside his heart and nodded to the young man before leaving him alone in that corridor.


Once he returned to his own bedroom, his agent named Sister Yun called and told him: “Zeyu, don’t go to Weibo tonight.
There are a lot of hate comments done by the water armies that were brought by your competition rivals in the comment section, they are clearly jealous of you.
You should have an early night’s rest and perform well at the Marketing Summit tomorrow.”


Ji Zeyu obediently agreed with her advice before hanging up the phone.


After ending their call, he quickly opened the Weibo App and to search for his own name within the social media application.

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When he typed out the words ‘Ji Zeyu’ into the search box of the Weibo App, the words that popped out into the search results were ‘Beautiful Face’, ‘Cool and Sweet’, and ‘The Face Of The University Schoolboy’s First Love’.


It seems that his agency cleanup up the related terms and searches.
Otherwise, with Ji Zeyu’s persona in the original story, he personally thought that the his related searches should have been filled negative terms like ‘Waste of Space and Resources’ and ‘Hurry Up and Withdraw From The Competition Already’.


Ji Zeyu flipped through the search results and sure enough, he saw countless Weibo Microblogs condemning and scolding him.


Netizen 1: “What’s up with this talent show, how can Ji Zeyu get a Class B rank when his preliminary performance is so bad? It’s so ridiculous, do you think that the viewers are blind?”


Netizen 2: “I originally wanted to vote for Lu Nanyun but when I clicked on to the voting page, I actually saw that this trash called Ji Zeyu was actually ranked seventh.
My desire to vote was suddenly gone in an instant.”


Netizen 3: Holy Cow.
After watching Ji Zeyu’s preliminary performance, everyone can agree that the other contestants that were from the same agency as his is infinitely better than him right? The boss of Xingyu Entertainment is probably out of his mind, why does he support him over them?


There were only few fans who spoke up for Ji Zeyu and all of their comments without any exception, were only praising his appearance and were not mentioning his skills at all.


Ji Zeyu’s personal Weibo account’s comment section was also occupied by all kinds of black fans.


The most popular comment written on his comment section was: “How many people wants Ji Zeyu to leave the show?” The number of likes: 52,756.


Ji Zeyu took a deep breath and felt his temples aching.


A few minutes later, Ji Zeyu opened the video and streaming application then found the first episode of ‘Shining Stars’.
He watched Ji Zeyu’s preliminary stage performance and felt that his aching temples turned even worse.

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Xingyu Entertainment is an agency owned by Ji Zeyu’s eldest brother, Ji Zefeng.
The agency had sent four teenagers possessing both outstanding strength and handsome looks to act as his green leaves but…


Even if there are four outstanding individuals, they still cannot carry one subpar individual with them.


The staffs of the program wanted to give Ji Zeyu a Class A grade with a clear conscience but they ultimately couldn’t because of his performance.
In the end, they can only grit their teeth and give him a Class B grade.
But even that decision still caused a massive public outrage.


It can be seen in the video that Ji Zeyu was clearly trying to grab some screen time and ended up forgetting the dance moves during their group performance.
And when he sang his part, his voice ended up cracking and he also forgot the lyrics of the song that they were performing.
It looks as though he had only rehearsed their group performance for a few minutes before he went on the stage.


Because Xingyu Entertainment had instructed to the production team that Ji Zeyu’s grade must be the highest among his label mates so only one of the four outstanding teenagers was assigned to Class B while the remaining three were ‘packaged’ and thrown into Class C.


Ji Zeyu stopped watching the video clip and turned off his phone before sitting down on his bed.
He was feeling the same confusion and wonder that the netizens were feeling.
Just how did he even get Rank 7 on the popularity ranking?


He suddenly remembered some things in his past life.
Ji Zeyu had practiced very hard but in the end, he still ended up being a mere sidekick and a foil to his rivals.
He had devoted 100% of his energy to every performance that he made, but he never became the center of the spotlight.


The things that the original Ji Zeyu did not cherish properly were everything that he had dreamed of for himself.


It is better to have black and red attention than to have no one care about him.


Ji Zeyu lied down on the big and soft bed, his eyes staring at the cold ceiling above his mattress.
His pair of irises gradually became clear and firm, something that the original owner never had in his eyes.


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