e that this place was not his home.
However, he doesn’t think that this room was from a hospital as well.
Could it be that after the accident, Xiao Nan had taken him into a hotel? But Xiao Nan is a girl, it’s very unlikely that she would be the one who had carried him into the bathroom ah…


He got out of the bathtub with his mind full of doubts.
Ji Zeyu took a wide bath towel to dry his body before wrapping them around his waist.
He is now more than ready to walk out of this bathroom and figure out his current situation.


When he was passed by the sink, he looked at the foggy mirror and couldn’t resist the urge to wipe the fog away.
He wanted to see if his face had been disfigured from the car accident.
His face was already unattractive so he couldn’t really afford to become even uglier.


After he removed the fog on the mirror, Ji Zeyu withdrew his hand and raised his eyes to see himself in the mirror.
However, contrary to his expectations, an unfamiliar teenager had also looked at him within the inside of the mirror.


The young teenager only ad a white bath towel around his waist.
He has a good as well as clean and smooth muscles.
His hair was wet and his cheeks were thin to the eyes.
The skin of the teenager was fairly white, his amber colored eyes were beautiful and his nose was high and sharp.


His eyes also seemed to be covered with a layer of vapor as he just calmly looked straight at him, his gaze held a surprising compelling effect.


Ji Zeyu widened his eyes in astonishment and took a few steps back away from the mirror in shock.
The person in the mirror also reacted the same way as him.
The youthful teenager’s profile still had that lively appeal despite the frightened expression on his face.


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He opened his mouth and squeezed out a few words out of his mouth with great difficulty: “Who the hell… are you!?”


The man in the mirror had repeated his words as well.


All of this told him one certain thing – the person that he’s seeing in the mirror, it was actually himself.


At the same time, countless fragments of memories flooded into Ji Zeyu’s brain, rising like a tide of sea water.
He had to support his hands in order to even stand still.


About ten minutes later, Ji Zeyu gradually calmed down from the intense shock that he felt, however, his heart was still rapidly beating.


The information in his mind told him that he had crossed over, and had become a supporting character with the same name as his in a book called ‘His Path to Stardom.’


If Ji Zeyu remembered things correctly, then this book was the one that Xiao Nan had been reading before the car accident happened.


And this character named Ji Zeyu had been the character that Xiao Nan gated through her guts.


In this book, Ji Zeyu is the typical vicious cannon fodder character.
He has the looks, figure and family background.
However, he lacks so much in the brain department.
In the talent show called ‘Shining Stars’, he had fallen in love with the original novel’s male lead top, Lu Nanyun and tried every possible way seduce him into doing the unspoken rules with him.
He even pushed the original novel’s main character off the stage during a rehearsal.


All of his schemes was exposed on the night that the talent show’s group was finally formed.
Because of that, Ji Zeyu was removed from the show, automatically giving up his debut spot, eventually becoming a stepping stone for the protagonist’s team.
He was then disfigured because of the fans who had poured acid on him and finally ended up as a crazy person.

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“How can there be such a stupid character… Ji Zeyu had accepted the cruel fact that he had crossed over to a book.
However, it was difficult for him to accept this brain-damaged character: “To think that he actually has the same name as me, the author of this book is definitely a black fan of mine right?”


Ji Zeyu is the type of person who doesn’t read or watch often.
However, Xiao Nan had always talked to him about this kind of plots so he can easily guess that he can probably leave this world after he finished the plot that involves the character he had entered.


So Ji Zeyu took a deep breath as he reassured himself: “I’m a professional contestant anyways, I’ll definitely be able to leave this world once I finish this casting.”


He made up his mind to obediently follow the original owner’s plot line and then go back to his original world so that he can participate in the finale of his talent show.


At this moment, a male voice came from the outside of the bathroom door.


“How much longer do you have to wash?”


The tone of the voice was clear and cold.
There was a hint of impatience lacing over the words but it couldn’t hide the beauty and sexiness of the voice.


Ji Zeyu was very shocked.
Although he now knew the character he had entered and the direction of the plot, he still have no idea on which part of the plot he was in right now.
Hell, he didn’t even have any idea on why there were other people in this room.


“What, do you want to stay in my room now and not leave?”


The voice from beyond the door made its appearance again, this time with a hint of contempt and mockery lacing over the words.

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