Ji Zeyu had a long and dark dream in which he was submerged by the tide and could not breathe.

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The moment he woke up from his deep sleep, Ji Zeyu subconsciously moved his limbs and was relieved to find that there was nothing that was seriously wrong with him – he was still alive and not disabled.


His head was feeling dizzy and the feeling of panic from the accident that he suffered from back then still remained in his heart.


At that time, Ji Zeyu was sitting inside the car that his company arranged for him.
He was heading to the finals of a talent show called “Music Idol” with his manager named Xiao Nan.


On their way to the venue, Xiao Nan seemed very excited.
After all, this was Ji Zeyu’s first time entering the finals after participating in so many talent shows.
In the past, he had always failed to make it to the Top Ten.


“I told you didn’t I, that your hard work will definitely pay off in the end.” Xiao Nan sincerely smiled before saying to Ji Zeyu: “You’re really capable and talented.
In the future, you will definitely not become a backdrop anymore.”


Ji Zeyu smiled appreciatively at him before saying thank you.
However deep inside his heart, he knew very well that even if he had the skills, he would not be able to make it to the top three.
The other three contestants were younger and even more handsome than him, they also had a bigger fandom in comparison to his.


It’s really funny if you think about it.
He’s been in the entertainment industry for seven to eight years, participating in several talent shows every year and he has long been labeled as a ‘throwback by several people.
Now that he had turned 28 years old, the number of fans that he has accumulated throughout the years were still so little.
The judges’ evaluation on him had always been: “You have the ability, but unfortunately you are not distinctive enough.
In short, you lack character to make yourself memorable.”


He had also believed in the words ‘Hard work will pay off’, but without a strong background and good looks, no matter how good you are, it’s quite difficult to make a name for yourself in talent shows.
This is the cruel reality if you are in the entertainment industry,


When Xiao Nan saw his silent and stoic expression, she can probably guessed on what he was thinking so she silently took out her mobile phone from her bag and started looking over something on the gadget.
She had always loved to read various stories about the entertainment industry, including BL/BG novels.


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This is a hobby of hers that Ji Zeyu personally can’t understand.
She was obviously also someone who works in the entertainment industry, why does she still have the interest to read fictional stories within that genre?


“Crap, this supporting male character is too disgusting!” Xiao Nan indignantly shouted: “The moment that this character appeared, he immediately reminded me of a green tea character.
The comment section also has spoilers in them, they said that he would do even more disgusting things in the future…”


Ji Zeyu glanced at her before calmly saying: “If the plot requires such characters, then of course there will always be a character playing a role like that.”


“Wait…” Xiao Nan held her mobile phone as her eyes gradually widened by what she was reading: “Holy Moly, how did this supporting character have this name!?”


As she says that, she held her mobile phone towards Ji Zeyu’s direction to have him take a look as well: “Look!”


Ji Zeyu glanced at her mobile phone’s screen with little interest but after seeing the content, he said with a slight surprise in his voice: “Ji Zeyu… He has the same name as me?”


“That’s right!” Xiao Nan frowned and was feeling torn for a moment: “Brother Ji, I really love reading this book but if the vicious supporting male character in this has the same name as you then I’s rather not read this novel at all…”


Her words were not yet finished when the ear-piercing sounds of the brake and the sound of the windshield breaking reached their ears at the same time.


Xiao Nan let out a scream, she wasn’t able to hold the mobile phone in her hand stably so it flew out from her grasps due to the impact of the crash, the gadget hitting Ji Zeyu’s on the forehead.


JI Zeyu felt such an intense amount of pain that he had immediately passed out without even seeing what and which car had their own car collided with.


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When Ji Zeyu came back to his senses after reminiscing about his past memories, he secretly thought in his heart.
‘Although I was destined to be a backdrop even if I went to the finals, this was still a valuable opportunity for me to have exposure after all.
I have to go and head to the competition venue immediately.’


And so, Ji Zeyu tried his best to get up.
However, he suddenly froze in the middle of his struggle.


He had just realized that he was lying inside a bathtub.
The temperature of the water was just right and the aroma of shower gel and dense mist were surrounding him.


Ji Zeyu looked around him and was sur

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