The Vengeance Hours

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”Why are we looking down! ” annoyed Lily half whispered, even though they were very close to the supermarket. Moreover, there are adults. They will definitely want to help her, who is currently starving.

Ava glared at him. ”Don you know theres a guard next to that supermarket?! They might have taken over the place! ” She was clearly angry. How could Lily be so stupid in not noticing the situation around them? In a world like this, it would be difficult to find good people. Whats more, its in an urgent situation.

”Then why?! ” Lily asked unwillingly. ”We just need to come and ask to join them. Everything should be safe! ” She still doesn want to lose. She thinks Ava is too much because she suspects everything around her, even though the guard might want to help them. After all, it was obvious that they were still teenagers.

”Do you still not understand our situation?! ” annoyed Ava replied, ”Its the apocalypse! Everyone will also think of going to the supermarket and getting supplies. There will be a lot of fighting for groceries! They sure don care about newcomers asking for food like us! ”

”You watch too many survival movies! ” annoyed Lily, she obviously wouldn believe what Ava said. Ava was just overreacting. How could everyone be that cruel in the real world like this? She then subconsciously wanted to stand up, but Vilgars hand held her first. ”You agree with Ava too?! ” she asked in disbelief.

”Well kinda, ” replied Vilgar, glancing at Ava. Avas opinion is quite reasonable. He then looked around, looking for an empty car they might use. ”Look, ” he said, looking at Lily, ”Just try to get out of here, and see how the officer responds. If he asks a lot of questions and forbids you to approach the supermarket, then we go. But if he greets you kindly, we
e in there. ”

He then turned to look at Ava and said, ”You and I, we will check the car. If theres a key, we run away using the car. I will also be observing Lily to confirm the officers response. ”

”And what if you don have the car keys? ” Ava asked.

Vilgar pulled a straight smile in response to that, ”Yes we ran like before. ”

”How is it possible that humans don want to help other humans in a situation like this, ” Lily muttered as she stood up without a word from Vilgar. This made Ava, who was startled, rush over to the car, while Vilgar was still looking down there, watching the officers response to Lilys sudden appearance.

”Ha- ”


Lily froze as the bullet narrowly missed and almost hit her in the face. She was quite hungry and tired. ”NO FOOD! FIND ANOTHER PLACE! ” shouted the officer, making Lily furious.

The impudent response succeeded in making Lily run out of patience. She shouted back angrily. ”NO NEED TO SHOOT TO SAY THAT FUCK! DAMN YOURE CHEAP- ”

Vilgar immediately stood up and covered Lilys mouth, then pulled the girl away before the guard got angry and finished them off. The fact that the guards had weapons alone was enough for Vilgar to no longer approach the area. He still wants to live; they still want to live. As much as possible, they should find a safe way to save themselves.

He really couldn understand Lilys stupid response.

Vilgar then approached Ava, who had just started the car, making him drag Lily and then immediately putting Lily in the back seat while he sat in the chair next to Ava. ”By the way, theres actually a bag that contains a loaf of bread—DONT TAKE ALL OF THAT FUCK! ” Ava exclaimed, as she noticed Lily had already gotten the food and opened the package. Her tantrum only answered Lily with a thumbs up.

Ava then glanced at Vilgar, who slumped his back against the car seat and sighed. He received a loaf of bread from Lily, while another she roughly threw onto the dashboard of the car, towards Ava. ”Isn it true what I said? ” she asked Vilgar about the officers response.

”Yeah, and this girl in the back almost took the officer into a fight. Even though she almost got shot. ”

”You should just let her get shot, ” Ava suggested.

”This time I agree with your idea. ”

They had just walked out of the supermarket when Vilgars cell phone suddenly rang. He even just realized that he still had his cell phone with him. Vilgar quickly opened the cell phone, seeing the broadcast message clearly displayed on the cellphone screen.

”The Vengeance Hours, ” he said, instantly making Lily and Avas attention focus on him. ”As the name implies, The Vengeance Hours will run for 24 hours worldwide. Stay quiet at home and underground for the next 24 hours. Whoever is outside the room, immediately leave the building around you that has a dungeon. Stay careful with the appearance of monsters! ”

”HAH- ”

Vilgar restrained Lily, who was about to curse when his cell phone rang again. This time, several messages came at once, but they were sent with different numbers. ”The Vengeance Hours, lasts for 24 hours. If anyone wants an extension of time, then immediately call this number: 0576XXX. ” He then went back to reading a different message again, ”The Vengeance Hours. It is requested that all devotees stay out of the house because nothing is safe in this world if you do not have the White Feather of Ruh. ”

”Any more messages? ” Ava asked while still driving, this time while eating her bread to ease her own panic. She clearly needed a diversion to receive the information. At the very least, she had to calm herself down first by filling her stomach.

Vilgar nodded casually, this time with a different message. ”The Vengeance Hours, on the count of three. All information dissemination devices that received this broadcast message would explode in a matter of one … two— ” Vilgar quickly threw the cell phone out, and instantly produced a huge explosion. Then, followed by other explosions in different places, including the supermarket they had just left.

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