The Vengeance Hours

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”So if we
e being targeted by monsters again, the choices are just to follow their wishes, or well die. ” Ava said this summed up her own theory. Lily, although annoyed at being called stupid by Ava, still subconsciously confirmed what Ava had told them.

The ground around them shook again, causing Vilgar to look back at the seven-meter tall monster that was now walking towards them. The three immediately stood up and avoided the road that the monster was about to pass.

For a moment, they just sat in silence on the sidewalk and let the monster pass them. At that close distance, Vilgar could see the monsters leg, which was covered by small sharp pieces of glass and iron. Scratching just a little with the monsters leg, its body could immediately get a big tear, and would eventually kill him slowly.

Lily was silent while swallowing saliva, seeing the monster from this close distance. Its skin is so rough and filled with pieces of sharp objects that it is so terrible. The entire path that the monster walked on turned into a barren dirt footprint, with countless marks of sharp objects stuck on it.

In one step, the monster was able to pass three to seven buildings at once. The three of them were silent as they watched the monster leave. ”We may not be able to go through the road hes on, ” Vilgar muttered subconsciously.

Ava nodded, confirming that, ”Yes, all the roads will have many potholes. Also, there will be no vehicles left if he has passed through the area. ”

Lily stroked her stomach while grumbling softly, while the two of them were still busy watching the monster leave. ”Im hungry … ” she whined, making Ava look at her with annoyed eyes.

”Ah … we also need food, huh? ” Vilgar muttered subconsciously, and it made Ava not want to scold Lily.

He then stood up and looked around him. He tried to remember which areas the monsters had passed through and which areas they could pass through without any disturbance. ”We have to go back to the crossroads, don we think? ” he muttered unconsciously. ”

Lily also got up to respond to Vilgars words, ”Ah yes, there is a supermarket there too. ”

”Where? ” Vilgar asked Lily.

This time it was Ava who answered the question, ”That crossroads, we turn left. The place where the monster that chased us from the school just crashed and disappeared, theres a pretty big supermarket over there. ” She then stretched her legs, took a deep breath to prepare for another trip. ”That area wasn passed by the machine-eating monster just now right? Maybe there we can get a car. ” Vilgar nodded confirming that.

The three people finally stepped back from the restaurant area on foot. Ava led the way, while Lily walked side by side with Vilgar. He looked around the deserted surroundings as they headed back towards the crossroads. Ever since they left the school, he really hadn come across anyone but the monsters.

His head subconsciously lifted again to look at the sky, seeing the clock that was now continuously spinning in the midst of the clear sky. ”Its only been 18 minutes, ” he muttered, making Ava and Lily look up at the sky.

”Shit, I thought hours had passed. ” Lily muttered subconsciously.

”Is that clock in the sky spinning slower than a normal clock, huh? ” Ava muttered, then glanced at the clock on her wrist. ”No, its the same. ”

The day was still bright as usual. But this deserted part of town had really bothered Vilgar ever since. ”Wheres everyone? ” he muttered, making the two girls who had just finished their cold drinks mute.

”From what I saw at school, everyone disappeared either because they became monsters or they were eaten by monsters. ” Ava answered the question casually.

”Everything? Really everything? ” Lily asked in disbelief.

Ava just shrugged nonchalantly, ”I don know either. I was too focused on escaping from the crazy monster that was chasing me earlier. ” She then pulled a grin at Lily, just remembering what had happened earlier. ”And do you know who the monster is, Lily? ”

”Who? ”

”My best friend Jules. The person you desperately wanted to get close to because you wanted Troye, Jules brother. That handsome, pretentious senior. ” Ava laughed sarcastically after revealing that. ”I didn expect her to hate me and hold a grudge against me. Even though all this time I thought she was sincere in being my friend. ”

Lily rolled her eyes at hearing that, ”Besides, no one wants to really be friends with you. You are annoying. ” Lily mocked her openly.

Hearing Troyes name being mentioned, Vilgar remembered that person hadn come to school today for some reason. He also clearly remembered how powerful Troyes group was, so the first thing that popped into his head after Ava revealed that was … there was no real possibility that everyone in the school would turn into a monster or die.

There was no way they could disappear so quickly without a clear trace in just a few minutes.

Vilgar then looked at Ava, who was still walking in front of him. ”By the way, you
e Lilys enemy. Whats your name? ” He asked, making Ava chuckle.

”Nice nickname. Im Ava. You? ”

”Vilgar. ”

They are now really at a crossroads. Before turning the corner, the girl who led the way first stopped her steps, peeking from the end of the bushes to make sure that the road they were about to pass was safe, there were no monsters guarding it.

Vilgar took a peek, followed by Lily. The street, just like the one they had been on for a long time, was utterly deserted. There were no passing vehicles or people traveling.

Lily excitedly pointed at one of the buildings at the end of the street, ”Thats the supermarket, then in front of it, ” she said, pointing to a restaurant sign there. ”There are fast food restaurants, they must still have food. ”

”Lets go, ” said Vilgar, walking past Ava and immediately followed by Lily.

This time, Vilgar and Lily took the lead, with Ava trailing behind them. The three of them hurriedly went to the supermarket building. In contrast to Vilgar and Lily, who were quite excited about going there, Ava had to stay alert and watch her surroundings carefully.

She felt going to the supermarket was not the right option at a time like this. Everyone would obviously do the same thing in this situation, and that meant there would be a lot of fighting because they wanted to fight over the groceries in the supermarket. At least she had to make sure the supermarket was quiet or crowded. If its crowded, they may not have much opportunity to get into the fight for the food.

When they arrive at a building directly next to the supermarket, the edge of the sidewalk is still filled with bushes that are shaped like a fence. Ava was the first to notice that someone was guarding the edge of the self-service building, until she finally grabbed Vilgars hand to lower his head. Then Vilgar pushed Lilys head down while covering her mouth, which was almost screaming.

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